The Perfect Morning Routine

Just kidding!

I won't be writing about my perfect morning routine because I don't have one. Boo! I know.

Even though my kids have officially started school, it still feels like the tail end bits of summer which creates this conflict in me. I want to have a back-to-school, my-life-has-some-kind-of-structure routine and at the same time I want to remain wildly unscheduled. Besides, there are just far too many things I'd like to do in the wee morning hours and not enough morning time:

Sleep in
Practice Yoga
Make breakfast
Take a shower
Wake up with the Sun
Plan my day

I'm going to sit on the morning routine thing for awhile. Maybe I'll come up with something good and then I'll share it with you. But, for now, enjoy this headless Instagram pic of me still hanging onto summerish mornings in a caftan. 


  1. I hear you! That list sounds lovely!

    1. Maybe we can try to fit in just one of these things?

  2. Overnight oats is one of the greatest inventions, because I ever have time for breakfast, unless I make it the night before! :)

    1. I've seen those but never tried them...and I know what you mean, morning blows by and then I realize I haven't eaten.

  3. I'm confused. I've read your blog and I am so proud of you and your strength in all this. I wish I could be as strong as you. Maybe someday! You are an amazing woman! What I am confused about is, are you and Mr. Scabs divorced, separated, or together again? I read about him being rebaptized and your first real date after being back together but then I read where you couldn't go for Thanksgiving later. Then I saw a bunch of retreat stuff. What did I miss? What's the status with you and Mr Scabs?

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