Friday, March 25, 2016

We are seeds

Each day we wake up to what life gives us and sometimes we step into it feeling bright and brave and other times our light is snuffed out before our first breath... My best friend lost two babies a few years ago...And when I lay next to her in her bed, I dug into the experience of my own pain. I haven't lost a child but I do know the gutted ache of loss... We sobbed as our fingers ran over the tiny baby dress that would never clothe the little girl we grieved.
And what I began to understand is this: pain is pain and it comes to all of us. There is no comparing one being worse than another. And in my own very dark days when taking another sleeping pill made more sense than getting dressed, I knew a choice was in front of me.
What I wish for all of us is that we use our bodies, our minds and our hearts to step forward, to live our beautiful life! It takes time. It takes work. It takes love. It takes trying new things. It takes a smile and a laugh. Who's with me?


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Jekyll and Hyde

Dear Sugar

The Jekyll and Hyde...even now, 5-years post d-day I still can't reconcile the man I thought I knew as my husband with the man I came to know.  At timecode 15:30 Dear Sugar​ says it best, " can't control what your husband is going to do about his problem, ok? but what you do know is that he has to do something or you can't stay with him...there are two truths, you're not responsible for your husband's life but you are responsible for your own.  Maybe you'll look into your husband's eyes and see that he is very sincere and see that he is going to really tackle this and you're willing to wait and maybe you're going to walk away tomorrow and i think anything you do is the right thing to do."
For me, this was the crux of it. Something had to be done or I knew I couldn't stay.

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