Monday, December 28, 2015

Retreats and Fresh Starts

The post Christmas lull always has me thinking about fresh starts.

There's something wonderfully, disgustingly gluttonous about sitting knee-deep in wrapping paper watching the bows and ribbons fly while I stuff my face with chocolate and reach for another handful of carmels all before the sun rises on Christmas morning.  Don't get me wrong, we indulge deeply in the true Spirit of Christmas and I also enjoy giving gifts and watching those I love squeal as they rip paper off a shiny red rider bb gun.  How can I not bow down with incredible thanks for all I have been given?

But after all the paper has been cleared away, the new toys have found a place on the shelf and the needles begin to shed from the tree, I feel the anxious need for a fresh start.

Sometimes this fresh start just means cleaning out the garage and other times it means a life overhaul. And really, a life overhaul is a lot like cleaning out the garage, isn't it?

If you're anything like me, we are in the life overhaul category this year.  Actually, I think I might be in the life overhaul category every year... I love metamorphosis!  Time for a fresh start and new wings!

So, it's time to get up, tie our frizzy hair in a top knot, don our favorite cherry lip gloss and sign up for Bloom's new retreat this February near Park City Utah!  I'll be there, telling stories and giving out hugs.  Sariah will be there, leading yoga and making food.  Dr. Skinner will be there, with tools and experience.

This is our year, darling!

Click here for more details and to sign up for the Bloom Retreat

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