Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rise Up

Rise Up

This voice!  This woman!  This style!
I {heart} her new release Rise play it loud
This one is for some lovely ladies who put their hearts into The Togetherness Project.  Despite whatever life brings (and it always brings a lot) these ladies know how to Rise Up and get stuff done. 

And, this one is also for all the brave ladies who are attending the project this Saturday, Oct 17.   
Especially the ladies who will wake up early Saturday morning, put on their lip gloss, grab something to eat and drive to the venue alone.  And, to the ladies who park in the back and sit in their car gathering the courage to walk through the doors and enter the world of The Togetherness Project.  And quietly praying that no one recognizes them and at the same time praying that someone will recognize them.  To you, I say this: 

While you sit in your car gathering courage, blast this song, then walk confidently into the project and find your tribe.  
Rise Up ladies!  

Wish I could be there with you!  
Have the best weekend.



  1. This so is so perfect. Thank you

    1. I don't know what happened there. I meant that this is so perfect! Thank you.

  2. She does have a beautiful voice. I'm one of those women who is going there alone and I'm not sure I won't chicken out!

  3. I have been reading Rising Strong by Brene Brown this week and feels like the perfect message to add to your post. This is worth a watch:

  4. Thanks so much for this Jeni! Your name came up over and over and over again-- you were there in spirit.

    Kandee, I cannot wait to read the book! Thanks for sharing the video!



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