Sunday, June 7, 2015

Camp Scabs Aug 2015


I will make this short and sweet, only because it's almost midnight!

First off, I hear you.  I know many of you have sent me letters and notes that deserve a response.  I'm working on them, thanks for your patience and your love.

Second, it's camp time again!!  This year has been a little hairy-carrie with so many things on my plate but, I'm working to slow things down.  And, camp has been on the agenda for awhile.  Here are some basic deets and I'll post more in a few days when I get some extra time. (Here are the updated details)

Where: Glendo Wyoming

When: Aug 27-30 (Thursday-Sunday), We will have a van driving from Denver to Glendo (3hr drive).  If you're flying you'll want to plan to fly to Denver before noon.  Our carpool van will leave between 12-12:30 for the cabin.

What: We have a cabin by the reservoir.  We will be boating and tubing and paintball gunning.  We will have an in house yoga teacher, do some meditations and eat healthy, clean meals.  We will perform old and new camp rituals.  We will do some meaningful service to meet the needs of other women like us.  We will face a few triggers, and come out on top.  We will journal and work on an art project.  We will tell some stories, but mostly we will work on rediscovering ourselves.  This camp will be a bit different from the other camps with a focus on healing, changing the future of our stories and thriving with tools to take home.  CAMP SCABS version 2.0.  More details later.

Cost: We are still working out the price but it will be around $250.  And as always, there will be scholarships for both camp tuition and/or travel.  Generosity abounds!

Email me with questions, comments and desires to go.

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