Monday, February 16, 2015


She's my tomboy daughter (we've always called her mini-buns) who is walking along side the rest of our family discovering what life means to her. I am so proud. This is what she wrote today:

"Today I realized that you can't pray to God for the exact answer to your problems. You have to ask him for something that will help you with your problems. Not for something to automatically solve them. And I also realized that friends are more important then they may seem. That they may appear to be people that you just hang out with, nothing more. But they are much more than whatever they may seem to be. They help your ship to not sink, they keep you company on your long journey home. But most importantly they are there when you need to blab on and on about your storm. They are and always will be there when you most need them. How this ties into asking God for something, is that I've got lots of friend on my boat to help me on my journey home to the sky."

I adore every bit of her, she is a gyser of amazingness and I am in awe.


  1. she is a beautiful writer like you.

  2. beautifully written. she must take after her mom <3

  3. The name "mini buns" just makes me laugh. Oh and what she wrote was super awesome too. ;)

  4. That made me cry. What a poet! She is amazing, just like her mommy. I adore you all. Miss you more than you know. "you have to ask him for something that will help you with your problems". WOW, that is wisdom. I know that's true - God is always extending us something that will help us. I love you for all you do to help the friends in your boat. I'm here in the boat if you need me.



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