Tuesday, October 28, 2014

you can buy me for a dollar

R.A.T. Race

I'd never been to a race where they prayed before we ran/walked.  It was during this prayer that my emotions flooded over and burst out of my eyes.  My little boy reached his arm around my leg and whispered, "mama?"   The woman bowing her head in front of me snuck a glance in the direction of my sniveling.   When the buzzer rang and we all began to walk, tears still streamed.  And when I looked to the left and the right and to the hundreds of people in front of me, I bawled some more.  So many people came to support the R.A.T Race (Run Against Trafficking).

This hits so very, very close to home for the Scabs family.

On the way to the race, we talked about slavery.  We talked about what it is, how it happens and how children and women and men get lost in this underground industry.  We talked about it feeds pornography.  We talked about predators, victims and surviors.  We talked about how it is spreading wider and deeper all over the world and how it's even festering in our own neighborhood.  We talked about people like OUR, TRUST AZ and ISEEUhope.  We talked about hope and God.  We talked about what we can do to become abolitionists.

And then, my blonde haired boy with all the answeres pipes up,

"Mama, I know how you can save me if I get stolen.  You can just come to the place where they are selling me and buy me for a dollar or something."

I did that weird thing where you cry and laugh at the same time.


P.S. Mr. Scabs ran so fast he earned a metal.  He was proud.  
He was also more awake to the world he'd been involved with.  


  1. Love the race. Wish I was close enough to run it.

  2. Your son! So sweet. This is powerful. Reminds me of this post that I recently read: http://www.itjustgetsstranger.com/2014/10/the-pomelo-project.html

    So many ways to get involved with trafficking and I'm happy for the increased awareness of it all.

    i love you tons!

  3. this made me teary. what a sweet moment.

  4. Just saw this post. Love you. And your family. Wish I had been there to run this with you guys.

  5. how powerful! especially for mr scabs! wow!

  6. Scabs, it's so good to see you doing this! Life crept up on me and I haven't kept up with the blogs in a long time. But now, as this horrible addiction shows up again in my life, I'm back searching for all my blog friends that once offered so much hope and support. I will be stalking your wonderful blog as it seems you haven't changed and you're still full of wonderful advice.

    Much love,
    Secret Battles :) Ps I went anonymous because I can't remember my google info to log in haha!

    1. Hope you remember your google info! I'm sorry this has crept back in....seems we have to be ever vigillant. :(

  7. Is the blog dead?

  8. Scabs, where are you? We really need you.

    1. The blog isn't dead and I am here. I took a vacation from blogging that ended up going longer than i expected but with the new year here I am geering up to start working again. I haven't checked emails or comments in months....peace, love and heres to re-connection!



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