in the weeds


Mr. Scabs always laughs and says, "what does that even mean?"

But, ya know, I'm in the weeds!  There's a pile of work I'm wading through like emails that need responding, "be brave" necklace orders that need sent and other bits and pieces that fall into the life of being "Scabs".  The truth is, I probably won't do an ounce of it until this weekends Camp Scabs is tucked away and put to bed.

Plus summer is almost here and I am dying to do nothing.  Hot temps, swimming pools, hammocks, salted limeade are my fav.

For so long, I felt abandoned, alone.  Watching resources and help and support unfold right in front of us is a literal answer to those nights and days we ate oreos and screamed for help into our pillows (that counts as a prayer).  There are a few things coming up that I'd love to pass along to y'all.

SA Lifeline Conference in SLC May 10 --- I've met the couple that runs this; it's an inspiring story and Rhyll is so classy!  Read about the details here from my friend Alicia.

Coalition to End Exploitation Summit in our nations capital Washington DC May 16-17 ---Looks phenomenal and I'd love to met Shelly Lubben!  What an amazing woman.

Addo Recovery, who has given us so much needs our help!  They are raising funds to update and improve their FREE online betrayal trauma class for women. Click here to pay it forward and then share their message everywhere.

Togetherness Project Phoenix April 26 --- What a great lineup!  Including my therapist, Mariylin Tenney.  GO MARILYN!  She's a lady who's been through it too.

Anything else?



....beep beep be be beep....

Just as I pushed "publish" an email came in from ADDO outlining a new online training series for advisors.

Online Training Series for Advisors Friday April 18 at 1pm
Register now because in true ADDO fashion, it's free!

This is literally another answer to our pillow biting prayers.  All those that support us {pastors, bishops, parents, stake presidents, counselors, BFFs, sponsors, family members, even ourselves because we do a lot of supporting each other... pretty much anyone in our circles} can get free education and real life tools to be more effective.  Isn't this what we have been asking for?  

 Each month a different topic will be covered:

April: Understanding and assessing the addiction 
May: Betrayal Trauma and support for the spouse/partner
June: Tying it together, talking about relationships and working with couples

More details from ADDO and how to register below.


We're excited to announce the beginning of a new online webinar training series focused on understanding pornography and sexual addiction and its impact on individuals, relationships, teens, and families. Trainings will be held once a month, being conducted by Dr. Kevin Skinner, Addo Recovery's Clinical Director and author of best selling addiction recovery book Treating Pornography Addiction: The Essential Tools For Recovery.

The first of these online trainings will be held on Friday, April 18th at 1pm MSTDuring this training we will take an in-depth look at working with and advising someone who is struggling with pornography or sexual addiction. Specifically we will be discussing: 

1. What questions should you be asking
2. What are the signs of addiction 
3. Do they need more than you can give 
4. When and where can you send them for proper help 
5. What should the expectations be for recovery 

The training will also include time for Q&A. If you have specific questions that you would like Dr. Skinner to address during the training please submit them to

The training will be recorded, so if you're unable to participate live the presentation will be available online for playback. If you would like to receive a link to the recorded presentation please register. 

If there are others who you feel would benefit from this training please forward this message along to them. 

To register for the training please visit:



  1. Thank you for posting this!

    I also remember feeling alone and abandoned and quite honestly, I'm not sure there is anything worse. But thank heavens for these really amazing groups and people, all fighting for healing.

    Good luck with camp!

  2. Thanks for these!


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