Monday, April 14, 2014

fire my spirit

Camp Scabs Island Park

I love this picture!

Throughout time women have always gathered.  We gathered in our tribes, families and circles.  We worked together, supported and healed each other.  It's been the natural way of things.  

Camp has organically evolved into something like this.  
Something that threads and connects us to each other, mending our broken hearts.  I really love it!  Thank you for giving me the chance.

Island Park was the last camp of the season.  I'll be resting, swimming, working on myself and making homemade popsicles for the summer.  Camps will resume in the early fall with an Arizona, possible SoCal and I'd love to bring one up to the lovely city of Seattle.  
Dates to be announced.



  1. ooh, Seattle! If you go there, count me in!

  2. Awesome photo! Women uniting under such crappy circumstances is beautiful. Thanks to you we have a place to bond <3

  3. Love this picture and the women in it! Such an adventure!

  4. Jealous and love that you got to do this again! AND I love that you say RAD!

    I see that there might be a future SoCal one. That would be great, although I know some NorCal peeps that might be interested in one up north. Maybe somewhere along the central coast could be a possibility to make it convenient for both??!! -- June B

  5. I love that you do this for SO many women that need hope and strength and empowerment. You are doing great things, Scabs. I just found your blog through a friend last week but I have LOVED reading through so many of your posts. I've heard of Camp Scabs on and off for a while and love the idea of it all---although Im not a WoPA, just a EWoA (Ex Wife of Addict). I have found so much strength in my own trials through your words and honesty. Thank you.

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