Underground Relief Society

Many, many years ago, when women wore bonnets and ruffley petticoats and the west was mostly unexplored, there was a group of women with an idea.  The idea wasn't new or innovative.  It was an idea that many other generations of women had put into action before.  It was a simple idea. But don't let the simplicity fool you.  The idea was also powerful!

The idea sprang into action, as most ideas do, from a need.

It all began with one woman speaking to another woman.  She had noticed that her neighbors needed clothing, bedding and soap and meals and friendship.  The two women decided they could sew a few things.  The invitation spread to other women with bonnets and a sewing club was born.

But, these women in bonnets were more than a sewing club.  Throughout time, women have always been great givers. These women were no less great as they organized themselves to give charity, strengthen their community and offer relief to the poor.

They called themselves the Relief Society.
Today there are over 5.5 million members in 170 countries.
Their motto 'Charity Never Faileth'.

Sometimes the relief we need isn't as obvious as the need for a new pair of shoes.  Like when were struggling with our husbands infidelity, lying, relapsing, divorce or whatever else the wind may bring.  Not everyone can see that you are hurting and need relief.  Sometimes, even our best friends don't know.  Or, we may not want to tell anyone.  After all, it is humiliating and alienating and then we find ourselves alone and sad and unsure of ourselves.  Maybe we find ourselves {underground}.

Do you know someone like this?  A neighbor? A friend? A someone you barely know?
Can you spot the signs: empty bags of oreos littering the house, drawn shades, avoiding your phone calls, dirty sweatpants, a pile of mostly burned boxer briefs in the fire-pit?

A small group of local friends and I noticed some of these signs in our neighbors.  And so, we reached out. Flowers, dinners, notes, care packages and loafs of hot baked bread.  Giving small bits of relief.

We call ourselves the Underground Relief Society.
Today there are a handful of us in Arizona.
We agree, 'Charity Never Faileth'.

Join us.


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  2. We have the "Giving Girls" in our ward. It's pretty awesome. Shortly after I moved in, they brought me a trifle bowl with a brownie mix (how did they know brownies are my favorite? how did they know I love trifle?) and a card that said something like they were glad I moved in and they wished me luck with all my first-year teaching stuff. It was crazy and awesome. Yes, observant women change the world :)

  3. It feels so great to see this happening all over!

  4. I love the motto "Charity Never Faileth". This is awesome! Makes me want to be more observant and reach out more.

  5. Beautiful. So needful for those who suffer in silence.

  6. I have spent the last week reading every word of your entire blog, and I just want to stand alongside nearly every woman who has commented on your blog and say, "Amen." You are luminous. Thank you for being so brave in your own story, and then thank you for being courageous enough to share it with us, in a real and vulnerable way. We women need each other.

    1. I am the addict. I am in healing and recovery. My wife still wants a divorce. Stayed up all night read all your posts Scabs save the last 15, Thank you!

    2. I'm always surprised how many addict spouses read here. But thank you for reading. Healing, recovery, divorce....it's all incredibly difficult and I'm sorry to hear that things aren't quite working the way I'd imagine you'd like them to. I thought of you when i wrote todays post.

  7. I love this, Scabs. You are such an articulate writer and amazing woman. I miss you so much.

    1. #undergroundreliefsocietyeastcoast Take it away!


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