Saturday, January 18, 2014

Camp Scabs SLC & Island Park

Camp Scabs Idaho Sept 2013

Camp Scabs SLC

First off, what exactly is Camp?  Details here.

When: Two seperate camps have been scheduled
Thursday March 13-15
Thursday March 27-29

Where:  Heber, UT
just outside SLC

Cost: $100 per person!  We like to keep this super affordable.
Includes food, lodging, activities and some transportation

Carpooling is what we do, so you can plan to either meet our carpool in SLC (usually a late lunch date) or drive yourself to the cabin.  Check in is at 4.  If you are scheduling a flight please arrive Thursday before 1 and plan to fly out Saturday after 4pm.  We can arrange all your ground transportation.

If you're interested in more details or want to RSVP
 send an email with Camp SLC in the subject line to
CampScabs @ gmail{dot}com

***Those of you who have already contacted me, 
email me again just to make sure I have you on the email list.***

Camp Scabs Island Park
 Jane from Learning From My Husbands Pornography Addiction is hosting this camp.
 Whether you know Jane or not this will be a WOPA party!   We will burn things and tell stories and do yoga and all other regular campy things.

Where:  A cabin in Island Park, Idaho 
about an hour north of Rexburg near Yellowstone and 4 hours north of SLC and 5 hours from Boise.

When: Thursday April 10-12

Contact Jane here if you're interested.


  1. So sad I'll have to miss out! Maybe next year when I don't have a nursing babelette. :)

    1. so sad! but if you change your mind, nursing babies are always welcome at camp.

  2. I love camp scabs! It changed my life! really.

  3. I would LOVE to go to this camp in Island Park. I'm from Idaho Falls and my family has a cabin in Island Park. I'm currently living in CA and doubt i'd make it home but it's a goal of mine to make it to one of these camps. I can only imagine how much strength comes from them. I'll see what I can do about making this one! My husband and I are very newly separated (due to his addiction) so this would be perfect!

  4. I want to come to both! When is Camp Scabs ARIZONA again??!!!!!



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