Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mr. Scabs Big Plan

Massage parlors are weird places.  It's hard to really imagine what goes on in there.

I remember years before I knew that that weirdness had eked it's way into my life, Mr Scabs and I were driving down the road when somehow him or I pointed out the little massage joint and we started the conversation of, "they do what?...no way...is that for real...how do you know?"  "Someone from work told me." 


Oh, the conversations we had when I was naive and Mr. Scabs was a liar.

Anyway, today we have new kinds of conversations.  I am no longer naive and Mr. Scabs is no longer a liar.  Recently, we were driving by some of our local Asian flavored brothels, when Mr Scabs says, "I have an idea. We need to shut these things down."

"There's no front desk in there, it's usually just a sliding window with no one there.  The front door is unattended."

I wonder what he's thinking.

"We should sneak in and flip the OPEN sign to CLOSED."


  1. Hahaha! Just laughed out loud. You two :D

    1. Ya, we were laughing too. Even though it is a serious situation and, he's right, these places do need to be shut down. Its a terrible abuse. But, we were laughing imagining ourselves seeking in and shutting the sign down!

  2. Replies
    1. me too, my moccasins have a hole in the toe. :(



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