Thursday, September 5, 2013

Moonlight Yoga

Ok, seriously, it's not at midnight, it's at 8pm.  

Scab's Yoga

Who's Invited: Blog readers, women only.  First-time yogis, long-time yogis, all ages, sizes, beliefs...ALL who read are invited.  Email me if you still wonder if I mean you.  I will assure you that I mean YOU are invited. Come.

This is a completely private, invitation only, Scabs-readers only yoga/meditation class.  It's designed for us.

Why: Incredible healing and friends, of course.

Monday Sept 9th @ 8pm and 
Monday Sept 23rd @ 8pm

Where: a yoga studio in Tempe
email with "yoga" in the subject line or text me for directions.

Cost: "Love Donation" this mean pay what you can when you can.  If you can't the class is free. There will be a donation jar in an inconspicuous place so that your donation or non-donation will remain anonymous.  Please come, regardless of money.

Who's teaching: Yoga Amber, our officially unofficial Camp Scabs yoga instructor.  She understand us. I promise.

Send me a note here and I'll add you to our moonlight yoga email list.

Sending my love,


  1. This is the best news. I there!!

  2. I wish...
    ...I lived closer so I could join this.
    ...I could go to Camp Scabs but I travel too much already for work & have 2 2-year-olds and don't think they're ready for me to leave.
    ...that we didn't have this 'infidelity bond' and found connection first & foremost through something fun, like our mutual love for turquoise.
    ...that life weren't so nebulous, but that's the beauty too, no?

    1. Erica! if only...sheesh I love you. i'm painting something turquoise this weekend wanna come help and then run to the shop nextdoor for Mexican popsicles...we could have the best day and not talk about infidelity at all. I understand about the babies. they are more important :)



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