Wednesday, June 12, 2013

the afterglow-hangover
Camp Scabs Alumni

It hasn't been since my wild college days that I had less that 7 hours of sleep in a weekend!  7 HOURS OF SLEEP!!  It feels like a summer camp afterglow-hangover and it's taken me over a week to recover.

There is an enormous amount of courage behind a woman who flies into an unknown city, is picked up by a stranger then driven out to a cabin in the woods of Arizona!  Is it courage or crazy?

And, it takes a blinding amount of bravery in a woman to drive across town, meet with strangers from your own neighborhood, then get in a van and be driven out to a cabin in the woods of Arizona!  Is it bravery or is she bonkers?

As one camper said, "This is the stuff CSI episodes are made of!!"

We laughed till we *almost* peed our pants, we cried, we had a water fight in the ice-cold river, we told our stories, we ate great food, we got scolded by the fire marshal, we hugged, we took siestas in the hammock, someone put my bra in the freezer, we hollered into the woods "WE ARE AWESOME!", we climbed mountains and tree-houses, we cuddled babies, we stayed up all night laughing, we meditated, we did yoga, we released the things that no longer serve us, we burned things and made space for new ideas, we danced, we nurtured our hearts, we learned and we even had a spiritual moment with an albino frog, thanks to our inspired yoga teacher!  (weird but completely true)

Camp Scabs was everything it needed to be.

A certain magic happens at camp, and it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with you.  There is a reverence between those cabin walls, a humble acknowledgement of love and acceptance.  Each of us experienced the surfacing of hard emotions and each of us experienced the acceptance and releasing of those feelings.  We felt them guide us to stand in new places of strength and resilience.  I have felt so much comfort in your wisdom and your individual power.  This is your time and I am reverenced by the incredible force that is you.  

Some of us feel lost and confused, but I know the answers will come.  That voice that speaks within us will grow in volume until we feel the answers beating in our hearts, guiding our choices, protecting ourselves, our families and our children.

These women have nurtured and taught me.  I don't know many things and I only have my own story, but I know this: there is no amount of damage that cannot be healed.  With every word you spoke, I felt the truth of this like a beating drum in my own heart.  That is the voice speaking to me and it says:

"There is no amount of damage that cannot be healed."

Camp Scabs was everything it needed to be!  Thank you ladies!


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  1. whoa!! amazing views and location!!! I am so jealous :) I wish I was able to attend. Hopefully next time I can. I really liked what you said, "There is no amount of damage cannot be healed." Now I really need to start doing yoga/meditating.


    1. yoga has been a core part of my own healing! it has been so powerful. and yes please come to the next camp!!!! would love to see you again.

  2. I love you. I love that last line. Beautiful.

  3. So beautiful. This sounds absolutely incredible.

    1. it was incredible, but you already know that! You're practically alumni. :)

  4. Sounds *****wonderful*****! I only wish my ugly toes could have made it there to join the circle picture & accompanying festivities!

  5. That looks amazing. And you are amazing for putting this together. I WISH I could have been there. Next up: Camp Scabs heads to the midwest/east coast? Please say it's so! Especially now that the first camp has come and gone and there was no plot created for a CSI episode ;)

    1. mid-west, east coast...i'd love to, if there's enough interest and no csi disasters!

  6. Thank you for putting it all together. I learned so much and really loved the experience.

    1. seriously, it was all you guys. i just rented a cabin.

  7. Gosh, I totally TOTALLY missed out. I have no doubt that it was incredible. There really is something so powerful about this group- this club. The days I hate being in the club are overshadowed 100X by the days I am blessed with the amazing women and friends I've met along the way.

    Way to go for putting this on Scabs, you are inspiring... and I have no doubt that all of the women who joined you were equally as beautiful and resilient!

    Love you!



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