Monday, May 20, 2013

Camp Update and Addo

Hello Campers!  
Camp Scabs AZ May 31-June 2

I've sent an email outlining all our final details.  So, please check your email.  If you didn't get an email and should have, send me a quick note.  If you want to come to Camp Scabs but haven't contacted me yet, now is the time!

And, just so you know what I'm planning, possible upcoming camps this summer and fall:
Utah  *  Idaho  *   Tahoe *  Seattle

I will be spending some time in the lovely state of Utah this week and I'm planning on attending the Addo Recovery group session on Wednesday.  After the session the ladies there have invited me for food.    
Please join us for the session, the food or both!  

Email me and I'll send you details.


  1. I signed up for Addo but haven't had any time to participate! :-( How has it been? I hope that the inaugural Camp Scabs is just wonderful! I'll be there in spirit!

  2. Man, what an amazing writer you are. I found your blog thru a link on facebook that a friend of mine posted. I wanted to ask you (and any of your other readers that wants to comment) a question. What defines "sexual addiction"? Is there a difference between someone who looks at porn from time to time and someone who is an addict? Where is the line? Not that the line matters....I guess what I'm thinking is that according to my husband, every male struggles with the temptation of pornography. He tells me he is tempted every day. And at times he has told me when he has given in to temptation. So is he an addict? If a man has struggled with pornography during periods of his life in the past, what are the chances he no longer has those struggles to the degree that he used to? At what point do you determine that outside help is needed?

    1. There are some questionaires out there that help identify addiction. But with my husband it was more like he would quit, and then he would start again. And quit. And start again. He would say he was never going to look again, and then he would.

      Does your husband's porn use bother you? Does it bother him? I think if the answer is yes to either one, outside help is needed.

    2. Thanks, Jane. And do you think all men are tempted by pornography (like the soft stuff at the grocery store or at 7-11 or online or whatever) or just the men who have a legitimate problem? I feel the most security when my husband comes to me to admit he's had a slip up, but he hasn't done that in over a year; nor have i found any evidence of anything for that long or longer. So I'm wondering if it's possible there really hasn't been a struggle during this time, or if that is too good to be true for someone who has struggled with pornography before. I don't know how serious his problem ever has been because I don't know what the benchmark is or what to compare it to. He's certainly never gotten help for it that I know of.

  3. And by the way, I just want to express my love and hope and support for all of you out there who are fighting, or at least experiencing the same battle. Won't it be glorious when this evil is destroyed for good? I believe that day will come.



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