Sunday, February 3, 2013

a movie

My BFF shared this movie clip with me today.  Over a bag of chips, I shared it with my family.  My youngest son cried about how many chips he didn't get, my daughter loved the way the kids played and Mr. Scabs started to cry.  So did I.



  1. Loved this. Thank you for sharing, Scabs. We love you guys.

  2. Thank you for sharing! This is so great:)

  3. This is absolutely and completely beautiful. It really puts the process of life in perspective. We have been given much to give much to others.

    The part that really touched me was that the kids run to the pantry and there is food (provided by the father). But the children take no thought in how the food got there or if it will be there next time. It's just there, and their minds believe that it always will be there. They don't know anything else.

    That level of trust that a child has to a father is what really struck me. THAT is trust.

    Lately, I've been thinking about Love and Trust. And how I really don't know if I KNOW what they mean. I thought I did. But I feel like I'm re-learning.

    And that idea of trust helps. It's that I can TRUST that my future spouse will always love me. That I won't have to run to the pantry and question why there is no food or doubt whether it will be there next time. It will just be there and I will know it will always be there. And just like the kids trust their father so deeply that the thought never even crosses their mind, that's how I know I am TRUSTING and LOVING someone, if that thought never even crosses my mind. I LOVE that! And I so badly want that security.

    Anyway, sorry I know the video wasn't even about that, but that concept just hit me really strongly.

    Also, I just have to say how full of LIGHT this blog is. It absolutely amazes me. I can't recall ever seeing anything in my life that was so full of confusion and bleakness and heartache turn to such light and happiness as this blog (in reality, your life). But it just amazes me. I feel like this should be turned in to a book. And then on Oprah. :)

    Also, THANK YOU for your text the other week! I received it and never replied. But seriously, you are my hero in this world.

    1. Whoa, that ended up being super long!

    2. The thing about trust and love is that it can so be seems simple and I suppose it should be but there are so many voices telling us what love and trust really genuinely look like. This video hits so strongly on trust. And for me it really spoke to living one day at a time...trusting enough to let go and take one day at a time.

      No worries abt the text, i usually send them randomly and am terrible at returning text messages too. there's no expectation there.

  4. Hi - Just thought I'd share my perspective since this is an open group appreciative of lots of viewpoints (I think). I really liked the video in many ways. Made me cry too. A lot. There was so much in there, such as what Chantel discusses about food in the pantry. The deep naive (in a good way) trust that should be in every kid's life. We as betrayed wives have lost our deep, naive trust and many of us are trying to build it back. Well, not exactly back but I don't know if we'll ever be naive in that way again. But trust must have many forms, I'm hoping. The use of light in the video is beautiful, and gives hope for a 'lightness' that many of us aspire to in the wake of betrayal.

    What I didn't like about the video were the overt religious connotations (even sponsorship). I know for many that may be one of the good things about the video, and I sincerely respect that viewpoint. For me, however, that component made me not trust the video as much, and the concept of trust was so core to its message and what made me tear up.

    Interested in others' viewpoints. As I mentioned, I thought the video was beautiful in many ways. And it stuck with me, which says a lot! :-)


    1. i was so thrilled that you think this is an open, supportive group that's appreciative to lots of viewpoints. thank you for thinking that.

      the video was beautiful in many ways, wasn't it? I think that's what i liked most about it, the layered, multi-faceted way it told a story. and trust was a strong unifying thread.

      But i can understand exactly what you are saying. I realize you might feel like the time I was invited to spend an expense paid weekend at a time-share only to be accosted in the game room by a pushy sales person. kinda shatters the trust aspect a bit, eh? Is that a terrible example? hahaha!

      love you Erica!

    2. The time-share example is apt! Hilarious!



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