Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Walk the line

Johnny Cash

I've been thinking a lot and talking a lot and writing a lot about {fine lines}.  Jane and I decided to write a tandem post about walking the {fine lines}.  
So, after you read here be sure to read her list too.

It's a fine line between:

Limbo and Complacency
Awareness and Hyper-vigilance
Staying and Leaving
Safety and Disaster
Intimacy and Fear
Detachment and Indifference
Shame and Guilt
Self-care and Selfishness
Love and Co-dependancy
Boundaries and Control
Support and Gossip
Accountability and Punishment
Sanity and Insaniy
Great Sex and Scary Sex
Trusting Your Heart and Anxiety
Grief and Depression
Eating too many Oreos and not eating enough!  just kidding, just kidding
Motivation and Pain
Recovery and Fake Recovery
Being Brave and Being Stupid
Triggers and Lies
Forgiveness and Bitterness

I could probably go on and on but I'm curious, what are your {fine lines}?
See Jane's {fine lines} here.


  1. Great list...hubby says, "Eating and Overeating" as we down Wendy's frosty's. I love the oreo!

  2. me want cookies now. oreos in particular.

    This is awesome stuff. Gonna link it in the forum so the ladies can be sure to see it!

  3. This is fabulous. Bravo. Great thoughts. Balancing between what is real and what is false. Knowing the difference. Complicated. Good stuff. Thank you.

  4. I wrote on shame vs. guilt... you might check out my post here (or hyperlink it over your shame vs guilt line):

    For me some are:

    Comfort zone and isolation
    One addiction and another (switch hitting)
    Influence and manipulation
    Power and pride
    True charity and charity fed by motives
    Accepting a compliment and inhaling a compliment
    Intimacy and lust
    Me and my Savior

  5. Oh and...

    Sobriety and recovery
    Working the steps and doing the steps
    Judgement and providing clarity

  6. Love this. Very thoughtful. Walking the line is so difficult. Exhausting really. I could add the {fine line} of Hopefulness and Naiveté.

    1. I was thinking of the fine line between detaching with love and detaching with resentments. Thanks for your words.

  7. I love this idea- I feel like most of what is important in life balances on a fine line. I struggle with compassion and enabling, self-preservation and saving a relationship, and I agree completely with hope and naivete. I just found your blog yesterday, and I am in love. You are awesomely talented and so very brave. Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. Hello Anna. thank you for your sweet words.

  8. I found your blog a while ago. I never thought my husband or myself had a problem with porn. I don't really like it, but knew he did and I suppose that old " out of sight out of mind" mentality set in for me. That is until I felt it was impacting on our intimacy.
    I had major bowel surgery last year for cancer. He was very worried and stayed by my side during the day, but I later found out when he got home he was viewing porn. Others suggest he need to relieve stress or some such rot. It has changed the way I think of him for the worse.
    Thanks for the blog, you write bravely and truthfully.



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