Tuesday, January 22, 2013

lamest post ever

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How do real bloggers with thousands of readers and just as many emails and comments keep up with blogging and their real lives?  It takes a lot of energy to think, respond, write and connect with readers (which I love) besides that fact that it is all too easy to get distracted from the task on hand thanks to Pinterest or shopping for the perfect navy blue nerd glasses here.  Ahhh, the dang Internet!

High-5 to all the real bloggers out there!  Amazing.

I've always been in the slow blogging pack and maybe not the best at time management.  So, one by one I am working on the comments, questions, emails, next posts and other projects (sorry to break the deadline Jane but I need another day, please).

You know what?  I really like you guys.  You're rad, smart, strong and you look out for each other.     Like a tribe.

With that, I leave you with the lamest post ever.


  1. Scabs, none of your posts are lame:)
    I hear ya on the real bloggers, though. It's a juggling act for sure. Ha...Ha...I am a wannabe real blogger.

  2. I found your blog this morning and I have managed to read every post thus far. All I can say is, girlfriend, you're a phenomenal human being.

  3. I agree with everything the chicks before me, wrote!

  4. Me too - this was such a nice human post

  5. I am a Scabs blog stalker. I check every day and soak up every bit of wisdom, hope, and reality I can. One thing you say often is that you are thankful for the REAL people you have met through this journey. Thank you for being REAL! Today, I needed to hear that it is ok to have a lot of things to balance and that sometimes doing it perfectly means you take an extra day. Thank you again for being vulnerable and honest! It is beautiful thing!

    1. i love stalkers! thank you. xoxo

      seriously, this has become my life's moto...take it slow, and take each day as it comes. sometimes things take a back burner and that's ok.

  6. I suspect that pro bloggers can respond with slightly less thought as their specialties are .... Fluffy. :) you're the tallest blogger I know in real life and I love it. :)

  7. So not lame, April! Just like you - rock on!

  8. I love your blog. It is a time consuming effort, so I thank you.

  9. I meant to just poke fun at myself not honey-up some self-esteem boosters BUT if I'm ever feeling blue I'm going to read your comments here! you are all too, too kind! and sweet. and generous with your compliments.

    i'm lucky to know you all!

  10. You know you are an amazing blogger (writer) when your 'lamest post ever' gets this kind of response. Kind of groovy, Kandee



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