Friday, January 11, 2013

I love spam


Just for a laugh before the weekend, read this spam comment I got a while back.  And please don't click on the link or send an email unless you want to be hacked, spammed or otherwise hijacked by internet weirdos trying to steal your identity or get you to agree to sign your bank account over for a foreign millionaire in return for a certified check of 100,000 dollars.  Don't be fooled by this magic spam priestess!


A couple of years ago then i was still in Utah, my husband and i got into a fight and he moved out and said he cant live with me and his son anymore because i cut him cheating seeing the messages and emails on his phone, and even pictures they snapped in the beach with a yong girl, he denials it and left for another state so that he can have al the time in world to be free with this girl. My heart could not contain the pains that i had to travel to my home town, The a friend told me about a spell lady who helped her when she got dumped by her boyfriend. this sound crazy to me that my husband i trust with my life could do this to me. it was so unbelievable. I cried all night long, locked myself in a padded room, and thought about how miserable my life was, so i look at the web site my friend gave me about the spell lady at, and i saw how powerful and helpful she would be. i contacted her and she decide to help me and guarantee me of results in 2days, i thgouht this was a joke, how can i see result so quickly, but i gave in to see, and at the actual time, my husband came apologising for all his stupid act, this looks sacry because this was so fast and accurate, But the most happiest part is that my family is once united again just as it was when we got married.
The spell lady has no measure and i can never stop spreading her good works for bringing me happiness and joy. She helped my friend and now am testifying to it, why not do the same and dont make mistake in meeting rip you off on your pain. her email,
Thanks spell goddess. you are wonderfully sweet to meet. 

Enjoy your weekend my friends!


  1. Brilliant! Best spam ever! :)

  2. All this work, when my problems could have been solved so easily!

  3. Scabs. Are YOU secretly the magic spell lady putting in a plug for your profession? ;)

  4. I love spam. It always brings a smile to my face. I especially love how the more personal it tries to be the more ridiculous it is.

  5. Wow...we have a winner:) Lol that is crazy funny!! Spell lady needs to help this girl with spelling. I have gotten a few wacky ones myself, but never this good. Thanks for the laugh.

  6. LOL! I wish I'd get something even half that amusing in the piles of Spam my blog gets every damn day.
    I also wish I wasn't so computer illiterate so I could block some of the never ending, annoying, subversive drivel. the very least, be able to respond to the drivel with offers of English tutoring. ;-)

  7. Aw man! Scabs! Why you gotta go blowing my scheme and stuff?! Now no-one will come to meeeeeee, the priesteesss lady with my magical anti-adultery powers. Heheheheeee. Yeah. Just kidding. Wish I had those kinda powers. Wouldn't it be cool if I could wave a magic wand and make all our porn, sex-addict husbands behave and think like normal people for a change? That would be the day...

    P.S. I love you and miss you like crazy. Will you please spend several thousand dollars and relocate yourself and your family to come live next-door to me? Please? *big toothy grin*

  8. Dangit!! You get all the fun!! haha - that's so funny.

  9. This beats any spam I ever received! I love to look up the keywords -those always make me laugh...and sometimes make me wonder about the world we live in LOL

    Hope you had a great weekend.

  10. you are one brave girl. if you ever question leaving again, do it.

    1. that's what the secret bank account is for. :)

  11. aren't you guys all funny and clever with your comments!



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