Wednesday, January 16, 2013

good-night mr. scabs


It's 11:37 at night here in AZ and outside temps are hitting below freezing.  I'm wearing my long-johns tonight!  There's a man in the bathroom brushing his teeth.  The man I have chosen to love.  You know the sound brush, brush, brush, swish, swish, spit.

Girl Cat, who is bunny-soft and mean as a badger, is cuddled next to me on our fluffy white bed.  The silence is thick and the unearthly laptop glow is starting to hurt my eyes.

I've been writing tonight.  Returning emails and reading comments writing bits about last years fiasco with my paralyzed legs.  It's true what they say about the difference of one year.  

A few readers have asked your advice.  Do me a favor, read the Anonymous comments here and give your two cents.  Questions about what to do next and what to do about smart phones.  

With sparkling fresh teeth, Mr. Scabs climbs under the covers.

"Hello Mr. Scabs.  How was your day?

"It was good."

"What was good?"

"Well, everything.  Everything from therapy to baking bread (a new Mr. Scabs habit) to meeting with Laura (one of our closest friends who he apologized to today...I'll tell you all about this another time)." 

He sounds happy.

With that, Girl Cat tip toes across the computer screen, crawls up on his belly and begins her midnight purrrr.

Good night all!

p.s. the old Mr. Scabs would have answered the question of 
                           "how was your day?" 


  1. Love the new Mr. Scabs. Your story seriously gives me so much hope for mankind in general.


  2. Thanks Scabs for informing me about Anonymous's comment. I started out not intend to write a novel and then did. much to say about addiction. Hard to filter sometimes.

    I hope she finds the answers she's seeking. Reading about other women's D-Day's always transports me back to my own.

    PS. Love your cat...mine loves to curl up on my chest and purr!

    1. of course! and thanks for reaching out.

  3. phones are a problem. I think I have solved the problem but I'm not sure. Please any of you that is smarter than me electronically tell me if I'm fooling myself. I am the administrator of our Verizon family plan and have sole control over the controls of our phones. I have a "lock"--don't know what else to call it on all the phones for content that is considered "17 and older". You can change the settings at any time for any or all phones. Is this a protection, or are there ways around that? I have a young adult son who is on our plan and I have always had the blocks just as a prevention. I have the blocks for my husband as well.

    1. i'm writing up a post on this...but i think what you've done is great. especially to protect your son. and, i always assume there is a way around any kind of blocks or protection we put on phones or computers or whatever.



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