Wednesday, December 12, 2012


They say, 12/12/12 is a calendar succession that will not happen again in out life time.  Numbers and stars have aligned to create a power channel of least, according to my yoga teacher
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It's late.

I've just gotten off the phone with our friend Jane.  She's rad.  And, I'm peeling an orange from the backyard tree, chilled by the cold nights and sweetened by the sun.  This is the most delicious time of year!

Mr. Scabs and I are sitting here talking about getting off the bench and putting both feet in the game.  Maybe, this is how an addict can shed all the labels and innate shame they seem so connected to.  Food for thought before we go to sleep.

And, although every bit of my body and mind are telling me to get cozy and settle down for a long winters nap, I can't.  I want to share something super weird and fun.

They say there is a opening in the universe today, and a succession of calendar numbers like this wont happen again in our life time.  12/12/12.  I'm not a superstitious person, but I do believe in yoga.

It has saved me in some of my darkest moments.

Tonight, my yoga teacher explained that this opening in the universe has aligned with stars, ancient calendars the strength of our hearts and the right amount of pixie dust, providing a dynamic channel.

This channel is particularity powerful right now.  It has the power to rid us of things that do not serve our higher selves.  Like a Dyson wind tunnel, it sucks these things far out into the universe never to return.

This opening also has the power to replace our sucked away universal garbage with favorable gifts.

Now, yoga theology is all about peace, love, charity, hope and understanding so it might not be kosher to ask the universe rid us of a certain annoying neighbor or micro-managing boss.  You know what I mean, right?

In her quirky, yoga-hippy way, I listened to my teacher explain:

"Each day, on a scrap of paper, write one thing you want to rid from yourself.  Read it, then burn it.  Watch the flames lick it into ashes.  Then write one positive thing you want to bring into your life.  Read it, then put it under a piece of apple, an orange, a kiwi...doesn't matter.  What matters, is that you do this each day for 10 days from 12/12/12-12/21/12 and on the 10th day you eat the fruit.  Let go of what you do not need and accept what you do need from the universe,"

Under a star speckled sky, I burnt {saying snotty, hurtful things to Mr. Scabs}
then, I picked another orange from the tree,
                                 and placed it on the counter-top with the word 
                                     {gentleness} underneath it.


  1. Loved this. What a neat idea and I have to get to yoga more often. xoxo

  2. This was stellar. (Like that sort of cosmic word I chose?) today I am burning INSECURITY. And nurturing CONFIDENCE.

  3. I love this so much! I've really missed you. Today I am burning [being scared of people only loving me until the going gets tough] and replacing it with [trusting that people actually do love me unconditionally].

    1. Chantel I can totally relate to how you feel. I think your idea is good.

  4. Love this April! I actually visited with my therapist on 12/12/12 and talked about negative and positive thoughts. Mine would be Inadequacy and Worth.

  5. Building on this, the Maya calendar ends on this year's winter solstice, December 21st. It's the end of the Maya's "long count." They have 3 different types of calendars. It just marks the end of this cycle of time, and the next cycle will start immediately after. (None of this end of the world mumbo jumbo.) It is said to mark a new era. A new start. Another chance to get things right in this world. Burn the negatives. Ingest the positives. And on the 22nd, start over. A chance to get things right.

  6. I just read this, I hope I'm not too late to get on this train and the universe won't hold grudge for being 2 days late. I do have a lot of things to burn though. Thank you for the idea:)



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