Tuesday, November 13, 2012

more craziness...

insanity week

Hey, lets just make this Insanity Week.

Read Marlee's delicious conversations with Insanity on her blog, Walking Through Fire.  I love it!

Here's a great Insanity entry from my new anonymous friend Fugio.  Thanks for being so brave Fugio.  Simple but definitely deranged.  Wonderful!

My Insanity:

She has long, shiny,  stick-straight black hair, dark eyes, and a quiet voice that mesmerizes in its slow cadence.  She smells of cinnamon bark and musk.   Intensely watchful, her knowing eyes reveal she is both diabolically smart and world-worn.   She wears a wispy, floral, silk crepe dress and she’s barefooted.

She sings poetic songs of shame and long suffering.  She points out shimmering, irresistible triggers to me and then deeply inhales my toxic fear of them.  She offers me the comforts of Complacency and Powerlessness in return for my Denial.    And she fiercely guards herself against Truth, Honesty, and Reality as they are the protective sisters of My Sanity.  


  1. I am seriously creeped out by her and totally get her at the same time.

  2. Every week is insanity week for me, haha!

  3. Thanks for sharing Fugio. I was too scared to share mine insanity. Sometimes I feel like shutting down and shutting everything and everyone out. It doesn't seem real that this is my life. It seems to painful to be real life. Why would anyone do this to someone they love? I'm trying to have more sane moments than insane moments.


    1. My heart is hurting with yours. I agree this nightmarish experience does seem surreal. I am very grateful to read and learn from people who so openly share their experiences, fears, and personal understandings. For me, it is a huge comfort to know there are others out there who can truly understand this very difficult experience. --Fugio



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