Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mr. Scabs Revealed

 Mr Scabs Revealed
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"I read your post today.  'Complacency is my worst enemy.'
It's true.   
I really want to be a different person.  When I think about what I've done, do I really just say to myself, 'I'm not a bad person but I did some bad things?'  I mean, is that what a murderer says to himself?  I don't know... 
It's hard to own it and accept my past. 
  I guess that's why I didn't get much done today.  I've been thinking about that."

                               -Mr. Scabs 

Even though most of this video is in another language, Mr. Scabs was inspired by it.  Maybe running 400 meters straight up an Alpine slope is a lot like addiction recovery.

He said,
"I want to do that."

And, Mr. Scabs and I had a good laugh at this:


  1. i like his response. its refreshing to hear what goes through their head.
    and on another note...
    that video was hilariuos. i feel like we should be couple friends. haha.. is that weird.. yeah ... weird.

  2. we should be couple friends! cause you know i really like you already. and yeah...weird. :)



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