Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Insanity Challenge Update

insanity challenge update

Thank you for all the great Insanity submissions!
A winner will be chosen at random Tonight.  I'll contact you and get your instructions for publishing your Insanity...anon or non-anon.  And instructions on your personalized stamped necklace.  yipee!

Good Luck, ya'll!

If you sent a submission and didn't get a reply, that means I didn't get your email.  Resend it to
eatmyscab {at} gmail.com
[notice there is no 's' on scab]


  1. Hi Scabs - Quite the drumroll! Curious how many submissions & whether you planned to post all the submissions (not attributing names, of course)? I'm curious how others view Insanity!



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