Monday, September 10, 2012

What Mr Scabs learned from Oprah

What Mr. Scabs learned from Oprah

I didn't even know Mr. Scabs saw Oprah as a valid source of information.  
But, driving home from our 12-step meeting last night he says, 

"It's all in our attitude.  
An optimist can change his life and be successful and happy.  

Did you know Oprah writes down 6 things she's grateful for before she goes to bed?  And it's scientifically proven that if you fall asleep feeling happy or grateful, you're more likely to wake up feeling happy and grateful.  

I'm going to change my attitude about everything."

Totally off topic and not related but...
I darkened my hair a few weeks ago and love it!!!
My hairdresser is a genius.

I'll be posting pictures soon.


  1. Good for you! I didn't want to say anything, but blonde hair is kind of not as awesome as darker hair. Happy monday.

  2. Awesome insight! I completely agree! I ended yesterday with a long prayer of gratitude and I hopped out of bed with an extra kick in my step. I completely agree!

    I can't wait to see your hair! I;m sure it looks so beautiful!

  3. I darkened my hair my last trip to the salon too =)

    I agree, having a gratitude list and reading before bed is an awesome idea. Good for Mr. Scabs!

  4. I'm going to try this Mr. Scabs! I'm tired of going to bed with worries on my mind - maybe this will help. And I love your hair Mrs. Scabs, I should have said so already. But I am waiting patiently for you to go Jean Grey Red.

    1. believe it or not..i kinda chickened out!!!

  5. I love Oprah!! She is truly inspirational! And, it's the best feeling to get your hair done!! Way to go, girl! I need to new hair change too. I am just taking my time to find the amazing hair person who can "feel" what look is best for me :) You're the best, Mrs. Scabs! So excited to meet you soon.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. There's an APP for that!

    (I thought it would be funnier to say it that way. But then I realized that you will probably get an email with my original comment and you will think I'm silly.)

    So I can probably skip the part about your hair...

  8. Ooh hair colour change is as good as a holiday!! I can't wait to see WOOOHOO:-)

    Ditto on the gratefulness. We need to flip the script and find reasons for healthy living instead of making excuses for poor choices. Viva Mr Scabs!

  9. I am sooo dying for $$ in the budget to chop my hair & go back to being a redhead. I would truly be grateful right now for that ! A new something with the hair always makes me feel good. Esp when it's short for some reason.

  10. I just darkened my hair too must be in the air...I was tired of roots going back to my authentic self in more ways then one..

  11. Dark hair is posh these days!



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