Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Birthday and Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson -...
Seriously, who didn't love the Thriller Album?

When I was 7 we lived on Faculty Court, a university neighborhood reserved for assistant professors, sabbatical researchers and other educational gypsies.

This place had all the ingredients for neighborhood exploring and adventures.  Alfalfa fields surrounded us, a rusted tractor was left in the waist high grass and a long overgrown alley with all kinds of abandoned trash ran behind the houses.  We would disappear for hours.

Every house was sided with pastel shingles, asbestos, no doubt.  An overgrown lilac bush flanked the side of our pink house and underneath it's perfumed branches was our fort.  The perfect place for collecting rocks, making up stories and de-legging daddy long legs (peer pressure!)

We were gypsy kids.  Not really part of the established neighborhood a block over and not really settled into our temporary pastel homes either.  We didn't belong.  Not even to each other.   A family would live there 6 months, 3 months or a year before moving on.

We were an ever rotating small hoard of elementary school kids.  We'd pass the Pickle Barrel ogling over the unnaturally gigantic pickles before walking 3 miles home from school.  For some reason, that is my most vivid memory, the Pickle Barrel.

This nomadic neighborhood was the location of the best birthday party ever!

Yes, this is actually the purse.
Selling on Ebay to one lucky buyer
September 5th,1980-something, my four, for the moment friends Lori, Mary, Stephanie (who spewed her lunch in the middle of 3rd grade) and Amber were invited to my birthday.

It was a dress-up tea party.  We wore lipstick, high heals and my moms' old homemade prom dresses (move over Disney!)

My brother was the butler.  He donned his dapper best in my Dad's old suit and tie and completed the look with a brown eyeliner mustache.

High on cake and ice cream I squealed as my 8-year old fingers tore the wrapping off a purple pleather purse with Michael Jackson printed on the front!!!!



On a side note...thank you sincerely to all those who have emailed.  I read every note and am in awe of your strength and kindness.  I'm in the weeds and am currently hacking my way out.  
Hope to catch up on emails this week!  

Sending my love to every single one of you,


  1. OMG!!!!! I remember that purse! It was really soft and the purse handle was so delicate! What a neat birthday for you :)

    1. you have one too!!! I love it! Are you sure you weren't at my 8-year b-day party?

  2. MICHAEL ROCKS! I always listen to him on my long drives because he keeps me awake and upbeat. What a legend.

    1. Michael "Rocks with you.." cheesy but i couldn't help it!!! hahaha

  3. "de-legging daddy long legs (peer pressure!)" HAHA! I feel like I missed out on a crucial childhood moment.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You are so phenomenal, and I hope this birthday you feel more peace and happiness than you have the past couple years. You deserve it. And I also hope that you dance in your underwear to a little Michael Jackson. It seems like an appropriate celebration! :)

    1. I can do some dancing in my underwear! I've got some Michael Jackson moves...hello moonwalk!!

  4. de-legging daddy long legs!!! That is disgusting and cruel and I would never...
    we did used to pull the lights off fireflies though and smear them on ourselves like fluorescent war paint or stick them on like jewelry. Oh the innocence of childhood.
    Happy birthday!

    1. Oh Linds!! That is terrible...poor fireflies!
      thanks for the oh-so-delicious salted caramel sorbet...it's heavenly

  5. Hey ...... Happy Birthday My friend! September 5 is your birthday?? Mine is Sept 6!!!!! That is way too funny!! Well, I hope you had a great birthday and that you are finding some happiness today .... you truly deserve it! You really do .......

    Mine will be a happy one .... just being together, all of us being safe and happy is a GREAT birthday!

    Big HUGS to US!!!!!!!!!

    1. Crazy! We're Virgos!! Happy B-day to you too. heading over to your blog to wish you a proper happy birthday.

  6. Happy birthday scabby!!! Love you more than you know ;)

  7. Sheesh i am a Virgo too..whats with virgos and being attracted to sex addicts?

    Is there some common traitwhich make us bait ?????

  8. Happy Belated Birthday, April. I hope you pampered yourself and had a wonderful day.

  9. Missed your day, but sending love anyway.

  10. The deepest thanks for the birthday wishes...it was surprisingly sweet.



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