Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Broken a/c Survival Kit

our a/c broke!  So I've put together a few survival kit and a cute hair scarf tutorial.

Broken A/C Survival Kit
vintage lounger, umbrella, lemonade, Gal Pal ice bag
Glamazon lip colormaxi kaftan, industrial fan

The big old fan on our air conditioner decided to sputter and die yesterday.  Which wouldn't be a big deal except that we're reaching 99 degrees during the day and we're dropping into the 70's at night.  The evenings are deliciously crisp but the days are hot.

Dear Air Conditioner,
Although it is never convenient for you to breakdown, I must thank you.  Thank you for not breaking down in August when mercury rises past 115 and we can bake cookies on the sidewalk.  Thank you for not abandoning us when we needed you most.
Thank you for not breaking down in the winter when we would have ignored you and then kicked ourselves in June when we realized you were still broken. 
And lastly, thank you for doing a thankless job.  You are loved. 


-Scabs Family

So, for your enjoyment (and mine) I've created the above curated broken A/C kit.  
Just in case this ever happens to you.  

And, here is the cutest scarf hair tutorial by the beautiful Keiko Lynn.  At 99 degrees we're guaranteed to perspire but we can still look adorable.

Cheers to the A/C guy who is here right now at 9:30 pm, replacing the motor!

our a/c broke!  So I've put together a few survival kit and a cute hair scarf tutorial.
Keiko Lynn


  1. Ah NutS! So sorry this happened! Isn't this the event we fear the most in the summer? We keep crossing our fingers! Did it get fixed?

    1. we got it fixed and its working like a charm now!!! If it ever happens to you we know a "guy"!

  2. lol, Heat is awful isn't it? Our heater broke last january, I was fine to last the 12 days it took to get it replaced, who needs a space heater? we did a lot of baking and let the dogs and kids sleep in our bed at night.
    But my broken A/C survival kit contains only cyanide pills.
    As always, I applaud your bravery and resilience and hope to learn something from you.
    Good luck.

  3. I hope you got it fixed! Seems like its hotter this week too. Come on winter!!

    1. Can't wait for winter to come! We should meet up sometime if you want. email me.

  4. Haha, oh no! Of all the places in the entire world that someone could have their A/C broken, and it's you in the dead of dry heat. I like your survival kit! Yes to lemonade and a lounge chair.

  5. I love the lemonade on a hot summer's day...yummy!! It's has to be pink though:)

  6. That was an interesting letter to your AC. If your AC were alive, he would feel sorry for breaking down on you when the heat was just unbearable. Haha. Joking aside, a broken AC can cause you some stress, especially on hot summer days. Good thing the repair man came in the nick of time to save you from the heat! I think you were able to manage pretty well yourself with your scarf!

    1. Our a/c's been feeling more like himself working tirelessly everyday since he got a fresh new motor! I appreciate all your kind comments! :)

  7. A broken A/C survival kit? Haha! Some people can really get creative when the need arises. Luckily, I’ve never had to put together a broken A/C survival kit. Then again, why should I wait for my A/C to break down? Hmm..I’m guessing mine would include a lawn chair, a pitcher of iced tea, a video game or a graphic novel or a book, a bucket of ice, and a fan!

    Darryl Iorio

  8. Definitely, when you have a broken AC, you really need to have these things with you especially the cold drinks! Hahaha! Although it wouldn’t be as comfortable as having an AC, still, it will help make the summer heat a little bit more bearable. :DD

  9. Nothing beats the cool air that an air conditioner brings you. But, when it gets broken... Ugh! What's worse is that it occurs during those times that you need it the most. It’s terrific, right? Nevertheless, there are things that will help you stand the heat. A summer dress, a cold drink, and an electric fan will help me survive, I guess. ;)



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