Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Scabs Family Update

Looks like Harlem on a sweltering day.  James Chororos Photography-- Blog posted on Tumbler, Stated "Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY!!
James Chororos Photog
When the mercury boils past 110 for the 10th day in a row, you know you live in some version of purgatory.     Yes, 116 today.  God is hilarious.  There isn't much else to do but wear skirts, swim and drink buckets of icy water.

Crazy, but it's even too blistering to think or feel about my current relationship and the atomic Hiroshima aftermath we find ourselves wading through.  It's not a scientific fact (or maybe it is) but I think once your core temp reaches a certain height all other systems shut down and you're consumed with seeking water.

School started and sadly, summer is officially over.

Mr. Scabs took our girl to meet the teacher.  He walked in class, took one look and hung his head.

Her teacher is his 12-step group leader!  

I couldn't decide to laugh, cry or kick a hole in the wall.  According to our girl, Mr. D is... "AWESOME!"  According to Mr. Scabs Mr. D is..."Cool".   As for me, I'm getting over it.

"What are the odds?"

I missed you all!  More than before I am forever thankful for this community.  I'm feel so lucky to be included and am happy to be back.  Thanks for your emails, text messages and comments wishing us a restful vacation.  I especially want to thank the lurkers who sent emails!  What a nice surprise and it's a pleasure to meet you!

In the last few weeks of summer we were able to see these:

go for a wild ride on this:

and stood in awe of this:

The world is an amazing place.  I love being part of it!

Until tomorrow,

                                            Love,  Scabs


  1. April, it's great to have you back - hot and humid - but sounding happy and rested.

    What are the odds, indeed? You seem to be understanding of the situation though.

    We have twenty more days until school is back in session and I'll be eating up every second of Summer we have left!!! The beach is calling my name...

  2. Maybe I can be more bold and share the entire story... I'm not brave enough just yet. Thank you for your comments, our newly found friendship, and for sharing these private moments with us. I've learned so much from you and gained so much strength.

    1. You know Im a big proponent of the "share it philosophy" but sometimes things are too hard to share...i mean, look at me, I'm anonymous, mostly...i can't put a face to my story. At least, not yet. When you're ready, we're here for you.

  3. What are the odds???? That is CRAZY!

    Glad you wonderful vacation... but I knew you'd miss us... LOL! I'm calling you AND Ruby today or tomorrow :) HA!

    Love you both!

  4. I'm so glad you are back!! And I'm glad you had such a good vacation, despite the scorching heat.

    Love you!

  5. Howdy! Hello, Hello and Hi! Thanks guys.



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