Monday, August 27, 2012

i need a sandwich


11:46 pm
August 26, 2012

I've never been the girl who had a zillion best friends but, life has gifted me with the best, small handful of solid friends.

It's a porch night.  It's hot, humid and there's nothing to do but lie back in the Adirondacks with a friend and languish away in God's sauna with a sweating glass of iced lemon aid.  If I was a drinker, I might add something a little hard and salt my rim.  But, I'm not and neither is my friend.  Sober, we sit in the heat, swat a few mosquitoes, sip lemon-aid and listen to each other.  Genuinely, she always wants to know how I'm doing.

Later, after my children have slid into bed (except for one adorably sweet but extremely naught little Boy who refuses to believe the sun has gone to bed and so must he) another friend calls me.

She explains, "I just wanted to call because I never seem to be able to talk to you about you.  We talk about our kids and our houses and other things but I haven't been able to ask you how you are doing.  How are you doing?"

Two and a half hours later I'm hanging up the phone.  My ears a little sweaty, my stomach's rumbling and I began yawing uncontrollably about 30 minutes ago but I feel so lucky to have such authentic friends.

Thank you.

Now, I must make me a mid-night pb&j sandwich (alliteration I love you)!

Who has your back?  And, how are you doing today?


  1. Thanks.....for reminding me about the things that matter. Hugs x

  2. Love this post. Because honestly, when everything hit last winter, I realized my life was full or shallow, one-sided friends, and I really had to sift through them to find solid people that would help me. I am also grateful for the truly authentic ones, and when they become apparent, I am SO much more grateful for them.

    Today, I have hit another patch of black ice healing. I am fearful of love. I don't understand the dichotomy of our souls wanting companionship and how love proved to be one big wad of lie. I want absolutely nothing to do with it, and I'm angry at our religious beliefs in marriage and the way we are pushed to that point when that last thing I want to do is tie my yoke with another quitter.

    But tomorrow is a new day and maybe I'll be more optimistic then.

    1. it's true. Living in a shallow world is no longer an option. hope your new day is more optimistic.

  3. You're easy to be love! Being your friend is a privilege.

  4. YAY for awesome friends!! :-)

  5. Scabs!! My comment is unrelated to this post but I saw this super rad, old car that totally reminded me of you. I cannot recall the name of it and have been trying to google a picture but no luck. Hope you are doing well my friend. I miss reading your posts :)



    1. I love rad old things!!!! Hope you find a picture soon cause I'm dying to see it.

      Thanks for missing me!

  6. definitely need those friends, I've been there and so has she so we can relate, bitch, whine and moan to each other and know exactly where the other is coming from. Hours go by and when we finally hang up, we both feel better, even for a split second. Love your blog, thanks for it!

    1. Hi Kris! Those kind of friends are the best. I've leaned on them so much. Thanks for loving the blog!



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