Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How many of us...

How many of us have screamed, cried, begged 
and hysterically demanded,

"Just stop!"


  1. A trillion times. You're incredible, you know? I hope you do.

  2. Yep, yep, yep. Too many times. (Not at porn, but sheer neglect).

  3. To my dad in regards to his hurting my mom.
    To my mom in regards to her drinking
    To my mom in regards to her pills
    To my best friend in regards to her self destructive behavior stemming from childhood abuse.
    Ugh, So many people in my life affect me with their behavior, I've confided all of this in my husband before. Then to look at him and realize, he's become one of them.
    It's like I'm stuck in some horrible low budget zombie movie, where they couldn't afford zombie make up so they said, let's have them succumb to various vices instead of zombie-dom.
    I felt for a while that I could try really hard and save them, but i think, much like the hero in any zombie movie, I have to worry about saving myself. Then think long and hard about letting anyone in my fortress.

  4. Of course! And I say that to myself when my annoying mind won't just stop the negative thinking cycles so I can breathe for one.

  5. With an SA thats all that you would be saying during your entire life .



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