Friday, August 24, 2012


I painted my toes last night

A drizzly Friday is the best time to slow down and let the silver trickles wash everything. 

 In my part of the world rain is an event.  A reason to skip school and work.  A reason to cuddle on the sofa and watch the clouds burst, dropping walls of water on the thirsty earth.  Listening to *She and Him* radio on Pandora.  This is how I take care of myself.  
I feel happy.

It's perfect day for working with my Boy to build his machine.  
This is how I love him.
He feels happy.

Take care of you and yours this weekend. 
And feel happy.


My Boy

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  1. I'm new here. And that first image is so divine. It just drew me in! Just gorgeous!
    nancy-of the crazy 9

  2. LOVE! You deserve to take care of yourself. Love the theme of relaxation. Happy weekend!

    1. I might have relaxed a little too much cause I slept in this morning and I'm late for work.

  3. I love you Scabs. Miss you like crazy. More than you can possibly imagine. <3

  4. You are my favorite blogger. You are soothing and am inspired by your writings. Please write a book someday. You and Jacy both. I want to pass them along to my future children and to keep a reminder of your strengths. I am proud of you for taking care of YOU and feeling HAPPY.


    1. You're the sweetest! Thanks Ang. I'm always flabbergasted that my words mean anything to anyone, really...I had no idea anyone would read this, much less come back and read more!

  5. After reading through all of your blogposts (just something I do to feel like I'm not alone in this)...I just wanted to say I love your longboards :)

    1. you're not alone. you love my longboards, and i love you. hang in there. you're strong.



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