Sunday, July 22, 2012

I can use a chopsaw!

Credit: me

No, the title doesn't mean I gave into my anti godmother's vivid and violent imagination.  
In fact, I don't think I heard her raspy voice all weekend!  

I decided to make a coffee table, and thus learned how to use the loud and scary chopsaw.  
This wasn't just any chopsaw.  A few years ago my brother gave it to Mr. Scabs.  He'd found it in a dumpster and gifted it to us for Christmas.  Seriously, he'd find the raddest stuff in the garbage.  
We are a family of dumpster-diving recyclers.

It works perfectly but doesn't have the all important blade guard.  
So, just take extra care not to accidentally chop your fingers! 
And, as our grandpa always says, "wear your safety glasses."  He's blind in one eye!

These 6x6 beams were salvaged by Mr. Scabs last year from a neighbors renovation project.  He'd  promised to make the table. Other projects seem to take priority.  This weekend, I decided to do it myself.

I chopped them at about 35 inches each, making 6 beams.  Then screwed a few 2x4 salvaged beams horizontally across the bottom of the table, connecting the beams and attaching them in place.  
Next, I screwed on some Harbor Freight casters.  
Using a power sander, all the splinters were smoothed away. 

Waaaa Laaaa!  Beautiful, no?

It feels empowering to use a chopsaw.
Try it.
But, watch the fingers cause it's not empowering to end up in urgent care.

p.s. becoming more independent helps me pack my parachute and detach.  Also, if your relationship is ready, knowing when to ask for help (like when it came to the assembly) creates opportunities for trust, bonding and vulnerability.

Look at these lovely even chops!

Another lovely view

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  1. That is AWESOME!!! It looks fab OMW:-) I am a massive fan of this look - I don't know how my home got to look so modern :-( Anways, great job!

    1. I know what you mean, sometimes I go overboard on a certain look and then I wonder how I got there! Haha!

  2. IS this your decor Scabby???? I'm in love!!!!!!!!!!! Looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on that mad skill you've got- I'm impressed ;)

    1. Ya girl! That's my homemade table! I was pretty impressed with the chopsaw attitude too. And you know what I love about you? Your crazy use of question marks and exclamations...and you know what it's totally genuine! I can just hear it in your voice.

    2. JACY!!! I totally agree with you. And with scabby about your awesome exclamations :) they are TOTALLY genuine. LOVE YOU so much.
      SCABBY!!!! I AM IN FREAKING PASSIONATE LOVE WITH YOUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your rug! Your FABULOUS orange sofa!! I need to hear the story of your furniture, of your house, and i must see more photos.

      love your gorgeous face and soul.

    3. Haha!!! They are a bit out of control at times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bwa.ha.ha.

      I mean it though, every single exclamation has soul in it... Lol!

      You guys make me smile! Miss you!

      Nora, I have your pots still :-/ let's play soon and I'll get them to you...


      P.S. I wanna come down and make the table with you Scabby! I love free and I love a friend who can use a chopsaw ;)

    4. Nora! I love it cause you know my furniture has a story. You love furniture too...the best furniture always has a story, doesn't it. I will take more photos and tell more stories about the place i live!!! You are the sweetest!

  3. I LOVE IT!! Your style is EXACTLY what I want!! What a great idea for a coffee table! I would buy that from a store :)

    1. I've got some more 6x6's in the shop...come on down to phoenix and they've got your name on them. Free

  4. So Shabby Chic. Love it and think it's a pretty awesome piece!!

  5. How very cool!! I love to do this kind of stuff - sand it down, stain it and make it "my" own after someone else has decided to toss it aside. You did a great job, April!

    1. Thanks! It was seriously so easy to make. Garbage day is the best, isn't it. When people leave their stuff on the curb for the trashman...we can find some awesome treasures.

  6. Replies
    1. whoa, amy! reminds me of the peppertowne days. I've been thinking about russell brand bit. Somehow I'd like to make a post about it...not sure of a tactful way how...hmmmm

  7. Hi Scabs. I love your table too.

    Help. I am hurting. I am married to a faithful man and have a toddler son. My life is good. But back in 2002-2004, I had a boyfriend who, among other atrocities, gave me gonorrhea (though he claimed he never cheated) and had sex with prostitutes and other women in Brazil. (Through a bizarre cell phone incident I heard him describe this in raunchy, horrible detail that I will never ever ever forget. He sounded like a monster.)

    I thought I had left this all behind, but I saw him this weekend. He was biking near my in-laws' house. I was running along the beach with my dog. My fight-or-flight kicked in and I just kept running, but a few blocks later I burst into tears and stopped two women who were walking and told them how upset I was. They misunderstood and wanted to call the police, which is sort of funny. ARREST THIS MAN FOR BETRAYING ME A DECADE AGO. Then I wanted to scoop my dog's poop bag out of the trash, hunt him down, and throw it at his head.

    I am trying to shake it off, but I'm upset. I'm afraid I'll see him again. I'm reliving everything that happened all those years ago. And I'm so, so, so ashamed of myself for staying as long as I did and putting up with so much garbage. I wasn't married. We didn't have children together. But I let him damage me. I can't really talk to my husband about this; he knows, but I don't feel right opening up to him about how horrible and shaky I am.

    Any words of advice? Thank you! I love your writing.

    1. Sally, I feel rather inept to give you any advice. Feels like you are farther down the path of healing than I am. And I would love to hear more of your story and how you came to move past it.

      Your story is horrific and has had unbelievable physical consequences. I can't believe that! How did you emotionally deal with all of it? Getting a glimpse of him pushed you back into a place of pain, I'm sure this would happen to anyone who's dealt with this. Sounds very ptsd to me. (arresting his would have been awesome!)

      But now, how wonderful and amazing is it that you are in a beautiful, healthy relationship and you have a son! so lovely! The world that you lived in with him is your past and the world you live in now is so vibrant and so alive. You have healed. I don't think feeling pain doesn't mean you haven't healed of moved past it. What do you think?

      As I read your story, I imagined this happened... he couldn't take his eyes off you as you ran away. you radiate health and happiness. something he pissed on years before. deep guilt punches him in the gut. You didn't loose those years. He lost those years and probably many more. Life is a traveling journey and I can't believe the paths we choose are wasted, not when we're genuine in our path.

      If he is so unlucky to see you again, I believe the very sight or aroma of you would send him into triggered hysteria, an internal combustion of pain, loss, envy and dirty karma.

      So, I don't think it is you that should be afraid. He should be trembling in his boots. For all he knows, you could be jogging your beautiful self down the next beach. Or in the next aisle, buying almonds and apple juice at his neighborhood market. Or enjoying life in the park with your family...a relationship he may not be capable of cultivating.

      Or if he has changed his hideous ways, he will feel the pain of seeing you and knowing the intense self-destruction he imposed on himself and the flippant way he treated you.

      Either way, you are a massive trigger for him. No doubt he is shaken and you are still haunting his thoughts.

      But, just in case you see him again, I would carry around a hermetically sealed juicy bag of dog poo so you can tear it open and huck it at his face.

    2. This is beautiful--thank you! And you're so right. He should be VERY afraid of me. I couldn't even take in the gender of the person riding next to him, but if it was a woman and I saw him again I'd have no problem saying, "Hi, I'm Sally--did he tell you how he cheated on me, sometimes with prostitutes, and gave me gonorrhea?" Because now I am MAD. I don't think I'll see him again--I'm telling myself he was just visiting that town for a weekend--but if I do, I'll tell him to get the hell away from me and find somewhere else to stay. My family is there, and it's my sanctuary.

      In the meantime, I'm going to keep visiting my in-laws and running on my usual route and swimming in the ocean, which is the same color as my son's eyes, and living my life. I get to be me, and he has to be him. He has never showed any remorse or honesty or willingness to change, and inside he is blackish-red poison.

      Stay strong. And thank you! xxoo

    3. I'm happy for you! Because your emotions victimized by him...we are in control of our feelings, our responses, our happiness and that can not be stolen unless we let it.

  8. Yeah for you! I love the feeling of getting a long wished for project done! And it looks great!

    1. me too! I got to cross one off the list.

  9. WOW ... You go girl with that fabby table! I am super proud of you!!!! That feeling of accomplishment is so empowering ... to know that YOU created that, that YOU can do whatever the HELL YOU WANT TO DO ... YOU DID IT! It gives you a sense of control, especially when navigating through the healing of our lives seems so out of control at times!

    Well, just wanted to give you a huge HIGH Five!!!! You're awesome and Ed and I just love your writing!!!! Keep up the amazing stuff you do ... it helps so many!!!

  10. Love your table...the chunkiness is so unique! And power to you using that chop saw.

  11. I adore that table, it's such a great idea! Especially the casters. I came here from a linky party and got sucked into your blog and spent my entire naptime (mama of an 11 month old here!) catching up on your archives. I, fortunately, wasn't married to a sex-addict, but I did marry a wife-beater. Awesome. He decided to start throwing punches during our HONEYMOON. So I get the whole, "who the HELL did I marry?" betrayal and shock aspect you write about. Luckily, he showed his true colors very early on (less than 48 hours after vows were spoken) and we didn't have any children. It took me 6 months to gather the courage to leave, and I got my annulment less than two months later. Now I'm married to an amazing, very patient man who helped me make the cutest baby girl ever (of course every mama thinks that way ;) and got my second chance. I'm glad yours is here too, and that you're finding healing. I still have my own triggers and issues, but it's so, so much better now. Blessings to you both! And as a fellow builder, you're doing a great job with that chop saw ;)

    1. Thank you for your kindest compassion and empathy. Life can lead us in crazy directions, places we never thought we'd be. I'm happy for you and your new life....i bet it's night and day!

      I'm not a very good builder but I can throw it together!



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