Monday, July 9, 2012

For you Purplegal!


Pack your parachute.  So, what's on the check list?


  1. What a incredible pic you chose ! She is almost taunting - she looks brave,fearless, & daring !

    Now I just gotta fix my printer so I can print this up !

  2. Ya, I think she is daring him to cross her! Standing up for herself. THis is you, complete with the furry jump suit!

  3. Is that FUR?

    You crack me up. This is a true friend, purplegal...even finding the perfect pic for your visual aid. I love it.

  4. I know, I have found true gems in each of you. When Scabs & I were talking last week we discovered that I live where she wants to live. I think if we lived in the same town though we could become one her of a crazy duo. I was totally not expecting anyone to go & find me a pic - but it certainly didn't suprise me - that's just the kind of amazing gal Scabs is.

  5. So on my parachute packing list (this is just the beginning of my list though)

    *Look into more options for furthering my education (No college credits here - just a HS diploma)

    *Looking into filing income taxes on my own this coming year & claiming the kids. (Not sure if I can do that, but just a thought)

    *See about down grading my phone which would allow me to downgrade my plan - so I can save a few dollars

    *Figure out the total of my current expenses, allow for some fun money too, & how to also set aside $100 a month, & also allow $$ for setting aside set amounts each month for things like special occasions, medical, clothing & such - how much income do I need for all that?

    *Figure out how to use E-bay

    *Get a refresher course on all things involving basic car maintenance

    *Work on getting out of debt – so if I have to jump ship & use my parachute – there is one less financial worry.

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