Friday, June 29, 2012

Our Daughters' Perspective

The Father's Day Gift, plus a little treat for you readers.  You get a gimps of my face!

Father's Day 2012

She's the girl I absolutely adore.  

A green-eyed, free-spirited child who avoids wearing shoes and combing hair whenever possible, who cruises the neighborhood on her long-board and is currently reading the BFG by Roald Dahl
her favorite author.

I found her in the office cutting dozens of strips of paper, 
she had an idea.  

Tomorrow was Father's Day.  

We cleaned out a mason jar and began writing why we're thankful for our Dad.   Here's my favorite reason she is thankful for her Dad:

Makes me teary-eyed even now

Hope your weekend is fantastic.

Love you dearly,


  1. I wanna clap & cry all at the same time (and I could read it !).

  2. Oh, & by the way, I love the pic ! How old were you there?


    Rhoald Dahl was my favorite author at that age too. Right now my kids and I are reading James & the Giant Peach together.

  4. Love it when the kids notice the GOOD things. :)

    Awesome gift she made, too!!!!

  5. What a great kid. I'm glad her dad is fighting to be there for her!

    On Father's day my two girls and I revamped the lyrics to "Lollipop" to "Daddipop" and sang it to him in our swankest dress up. I was the tallest in our trio since my singers are 3 and 5.

  6. Love! It made me tear up too. Everything IS getting better. And your family is beautiful.

  7. What do your children know exactly? I'm curious, because sometimes I wonder if mine knew too much at the beginning. I wanted to protect them, but kids aren't dumb and they knew something was up.

  8. Bubbles: I had the same question. What did the kids know??
    I made my WH tell our kids he was leaving our house on DDay. They asked him why. He told them he had been dating someone else. My daughter began to cry and said, "Well, that was a crappy thing to do."
    So wish I could have a do-over of that night.
    Hope & Hugs, Shawn

    1. To answer you both, my son is too young to know anything but my daughter was 8 when her dad moved out. I've told her what i could...basically saying her dad was sick in the head and couldn't come home to live with us. I ask mr scabs to talk to her too...i felt he needed to explain why he wasn't living with us. Of course he took it too far too and I wish i would have coached him a little more...he had no clue how to speak to her on her level. sad, but i can't take that back. Almost like she had to grow up too fast. just like you i wish we had a do-over.

      Now we talk about addiction and pornography a lot. She knows what it is and that it destroys families. Sometimes she is angry at her dad and we spend time talking about it. She's learning to share her feelings with her dad and how all this has affected her little world. We talk about bodies and privacy and sex and intimacy. She doesn't know all the details and I think i would tell her if she asked me and she was older (she's 10 now). I've taken the approach of being honest with her. I love her more than anything and hiding this from her seems like it would cause more confusion, pain and hurt.

      There's a 17 year old girl who posted on "ask mr scabs" about her life as the daughter effected by her father's poor choices. I want to ask her how she feels and what she wishes her parents would have done differently. Sad, but our children are the innocent casualties in this civil war.

  9. Replies
    1. Yes perfect! Love and support go a long way. Men are a casualty too and so glad she is strong enough to support and cherish him .....


    We're reading the BFG too :)



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