Friday, May 25, 2012

The Summer of Nothing

School's out and we're ready for the summer of nothing!  

That's right, no horse lessons, no swim-team and no art class.  I have officially under-scheduled our summer.  We are slowing down.  The Art of Being Lazy.  
Soaking up every delicious summer moment.  
Nothing planned, nothing rushed.
Rebuilding. Cleansing.

Many of us are in the throws of dark things, struggling to breath.
This is how you take one day at a time.

When you see a river, lake, pool or ocean.  Do this:




or, if things are right, you could ride the bull  
(that was a joke, unless you really want to).

When temps rise and you need a little break, enjoy one of these:

Summer, summer, summer...



When you hear a funky beat, do this:
Shaking away all your worries.

dance dance

When dark feelings threaten, take your kids, your friend or just yourself and do this:
The wind will freshen your mind and sweep away the creeping feelings
 that keep you from being happy.  I promise.  I do this often.

Let's ride bikes together!

The Muppets ride bikes. Side by side.

i love to ride bikes

And, if you're feeling brave, maybe you could try this:


Have a safe weekend celebrating Memorial Day!  
Eat a hot dog, drink a coke and find something to laugh about.  

With so much love and so much respect,

memorial day.


  1. I declared the Summer of Elsie a few weeks ago too. It was awesome and freeing! I'm using this summer to chillax. I am not going to look for a job. I am simply going to work on ME. I'll write, I'll blog, I'll finish up my step work, I'll go to the beach, to NY and do whatever I damn well please. It's MY time. =)

    Enjoy your weekend, April!

  2. Those were my summers as a kid. Simple, creative, and fun. No activities. Just exploring and being a kid. It's good to slow things down a bit and breathe. I believe that's the silver lining in adversity.

  3. VINTAGE SWIMMIES!!! yes. love the blue ruffled one. and i need to know how to make those delicious looking fruity ice cubes. have i told you you're the bomb? it's true.

  4. Now I want to go swimsuit shopping!



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