Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Salute to my brave friend

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The sisterhood of 12-step is an instant love.  Bound by tears and hope and a great metamorphosis.  I love them all but one night a dark haired beauty caught me off guard.  She said something.  Then I said something and we realized we knew each other from what seems like another life-time...COLLEGE!

She was the little sister of my boyfriend's best friend.  A boyfriend I really liked. A boyfriend who'd asked me to marry him.  Why did I say "no"?   I joked that since I was at 12-step recovering from the trauma of a cheating spouse I may have made the wrong marital decision. ha ha

Turns out my friends story is parallel to mine. Her husband lies and cheats and visits the ever alluring darkness of the exotic Asian massage parlor.  Damn him for destroying a beautiful family!  She is sweet and young and has tiny little children that deserve more than they are getting.

But she is brave.

She has actually, physically done what I day-dream and night-dream about.

She is bold.

She has cojones.

There's no telling what kind of flesh-eating bacteria is lurking* as she wraps her hand in Kleenex, grabs hold of the door handle while crappy brass bells hanging on red string announce her arrival.  This girl, this little brave, bold girl with serious cojones has just burst onto the scene of the dank Paradise Massage brothel!

"I know what you do here.  Prostitution is illegal and you need to stop!  This is a DIRTY PLACE WHERE YOU SELL SEX AND TRAP LITTLE GIRLS INTO A LIFE OF WHORING!"

The little old Asian lady's crinkly flat eyes look up and from behind the glass says, "Ooooh, no miss.  You are confusssed.  We are not like that."

No doubt her accusations were heard by "johns" and girls alike.  The doors are cheap and thin.  The whole place is cheap and glows under yellowed lights.  It even smells like cheap sex.

Salute to my brave friend!

*On second thought, I know what kind of flesh-eating bacteria lurks in massage parlors...the kind that eats floppy wieners and turns them into unrecognizable nubs.  Was that bitter?  :)


  1. It's a small world isn't it? CRAZY how many women are suffering from the same stench as you... Unbelievable!

    I salute your brave friend.... and I salute you, TOO!

    Love the second thought at the bottom.... LOL... that made me laugh... floppy... ha!


    1. is that a little too descriptive? floppy? lol

  2. Kudos to your friend!! And to you for "stepping"! I missed my meeting today =(

  3. I loved her story! She chalks it up to temporary insanity! Either way I love it.

  4. This made me sooo happy! Good for her!! If it had been me, I would have lit the place on fire after punching the lady (too violent?) ha ha. April, I love how you write, I know everyone has probably already told you but seriously. PS your little boy sounds absolutely precious.

    1. I know what you mean!! Those places make me ill.

  5. Ha, Ha...I am so in love with this blog! It makes me laugh (and sometimes even cry) out loud! I know we could have been besty's...had our paths ever crossed. I am so proud of you and the strength you share with all!

    1. well hello new friend! there's still time, our paths could cross. thanks for the sweet things you said.

  6. My friend has turned me onto your blog and can I just say that I can relate to things you have said and I'm just beginning to read your story. I have wanted to burst through the doors of the massage parlors and yell my disgust to them---every...single...one. I probably wouldn't stop there and begin calling them every horrible name in the book. Yikes. For some reason or another, I am holding myself back from entering into those disgusting establishments. Perhaps I value my health and I don't want to contract some horrible disease. ;) I have a hard time looking at Asian women the same. How is it that the police can't bring these places down? My husband has been to close to 100 of these places (oh but if only that's all he's done....)and he said he feared every time that it was a sting operation. I say we rally our troops and bring these places down. ;) jk...... Kinda. (Mesa, AZ)

    1. Me too, Mesa. And guess what, I have a friend who is doing just what you suggest. She's working with local mayors and police to shut down these places. You want to get involved? just email me. In fact, she wrote up a post for me and i hope to publish it this week! xoxo you're awesome!!!



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