Friday, April 13, 2012

My King Size Bed


June 2011

At the end of the day.
After a hot shower and a yummy dinner.
With heavy eyes and an exhausted body.
Kids and dogs asleep.
Silent house.

There is nothing so wonderful as falling alone into the fluffy comforts of my king size bed.  Spreading my arms and legs wide, snow angel fashion.  This is one of the indulgences of being seperated from my husband.  The bed is mine.  Surrounded by white pillows and a feathery comforter, smells april fresh. YUM!  Floating away on the salty sea.  Renewing.

Sleep tight and sweet dreams my friends!
Hope your weekend is filled with good things.


  1. Hopping over for a little blog love! Man, this makes me want to climb into a fluffy bed! Almost relaxing. It's kind of the best part of the day.

    Sweet dreams, my friend!

  2. Right?! I used to hate sleeping alone, but I have to say I am loving it lately. Having the bed to myself is so luxurious. All those covers, all that space, nobody shoving or yanking or snoring. Ahhhhh .... that's it! You convinced me. I'm off to bed too. G'night, cutie! Sweet dreams and happy weekend to you too!

    1. That's right, we gotta find happiness even in the small things! lol!

  3. We used to always have colored sheets. I just bought white sheets and now I feel like I'm staying at a hotel. I asked my husband if he felt the same and he just kind of looked at me like I was crazy. Ha. Some people just don't appreciate going to sleep. :)

    1. Seriously, fresh white sheets! One of life's best luxuries.

  4. Certainly that's the most best part of the day after a hard working day, i use to fell asleep just immediately after the lying on my king size bed of my bedroom. Really nice post and sharing.



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