Friday, March 30, 2012

Obsession with Mini-cabins

This weekend I feel like sneaking away to a mini-cabin with my mini-people.  I've got a healthy obsession with mini-cabins and currently have my eye on this one.  Just look at this perfect little thing!   Meet me for the weekend and I'll make you some mini-crepes and squeeze mini-glasses of o.j. and we'll sit by the mini-fire and tell mini-ghost get the idea.

I should have answered Jacy's question, ""If you won the lottery, what would be the very first thing you would do?" with buy a mini-cabin, instead of a Vespa.  

Wishing you the best weekend!  And here's a little something to pump you up.


  1. This is why I love you so much!! AWESOME!

    And I love this quote! I was going to post it on my blog last week... how funny... KEEP GOING! Love you!


  2. And I would totally join you for a mini-weekend :)

  3. I would totally meet up with you for all things mini! Ha. If you win the lotto and buy a mini cabin, you know we will all be knocking down your door. PS--What state are you in? (If you don't mind sharing.)

  4. Haha. This is what I tell my clients all the time!! Just trying to apply it to myself...Good stuff and I'm glad I found you girlfriend!!

  5. I wanna come! Will you make mini chocolate chip cookies with your yummy recipe too? O' course then I'll just have to eat more of them...



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