Sunday, July 20, 2014



Girl-cat is eating blueberries out of my bowl.  Is that weird?  Should I google it?  Girl-cat is old and grumpy and eccentric. Seven years ago my cat lady friend rescued a mean-fur-and-bones-pregnant-cat-slut from a burger joint parking lot somewhere in Phoenix.  And, of course, we took her in.

Mr. Scabs found an old hand crank snow cone machine at the goodwill which our daughter has turned into her childhood fortune this summer.  This fortune turned into a bunny, that was carefully selected from the handful of discarded Easter bunnies found on Craigslist.  Originally, the ad was $100 for the bunny and an enclosure, carrier, hay, chew sticks, food, combs, litter and a whole slew of other bunny care items.  Heartbroken because she only had $66.42 to spend, I suggested haggling.  It's Craigslist, right?  And so, $66.42 later, Louie, the sweetest bun was part of our family!

I've never been face to whiskers with a bunny before.  She was beautiful.  We became fascinated with her little nose, her paws, her grooming, the fact that she was litter trained, her endless eating of hay and devouring of broccoli, her sweet little hops and excited hop kicks, her smart awareness.  We all fell in love with Louie but our daughter fell especially hard.

This is my oldest child.  The one who has seen and felt the havoc threatening her family but also has been privy to gentle repairing and forgiveness.  Her heart is gold.

The morning before Louie died, my daughter said, "Mom, I love her so much!"

Some terrible circumstances lead to the loss of Louie.  She'd been in our home for 3 days.  It was a Tuesday night and when I realized what had happened I lost it!  I screamed and cried and yelled and begged God to take us back in time, to change what my eyes were telling me was true.  Mr. Scabs held Louie in his arms as she left us.  I begged like I've never begged before (yes, more than or at least equal to d-day).

And, what do you do when you hand your daughter, who has been through so much in her little life, a small box?

There was nothing to do but grieve.  To hold her as she shook and cried.  To squeeze her tighter as the snivels and tears leaked through my shirt.  To let my tears drop and soak into her hair.  To keep myself from telling her that everything was going to be alright and that we can get a new bunny and from blaming anyone and anything.  To leave her question unanswered when she whimpered, "why?", after all, it wasn't me she wasn't asking.  To sit with her while she tried to walk through her pain.

Under the moonlight, Mr. Scabs dug a hole near the ash tree.  We gave a tear-filled eulogy, dropped flowers, love notes and a carrot for Louie's passing to the other side.  Death is never fair.

A few days ago we went to the mountains for a getaway.  Louie was fresh on my daughters mind as she walked into the woods with her journal, pen and paints to face her hard things.  And when she returned something in her had been nurtured.  I don't know what she's learning from all these hard experiences and this isn't the way I imagined her life.  When she was born, I imagined being able to protect her from things but now I see that all I can do is hold her hand.

I love her forever and am so proud of her.

RIP Louie.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Don't Leave It To Fate

I have a really great friend who I asked to contribute here in scabby-world.  I'd asked her to tell her story because I love personal stories and I value different perspectives.  She thought about it for awhile and came up with the fantastic idea of telling parts and bits of her story through book reviews.  Here's her first review!  Anyone else read this book?


by Kristen Jenson and Gail Poyner

This book addresses a topic that strikes fear into the heart of many a parent.  If you’re like me and didn’t grow up in a family where open conversations about sex or pornography happened, the thought of having these conversations with our own children is more than intimidating.  I just finished two and a half years of therapy because of my husband’s sex addiction and I can still only barely say the word masturbation out loud.  

And yet, we of all people know exactly how important it is to have these conversations.  This is a matter of life and death.  We should see this book as equally important as putting your child in a carseat or feeding them fruits and vegetables.  We cannot leave this topic to fate because we already know firsthand the damage and the cost.  We’ve lived the lives that have reaped the awful consequences of that life left to fate.  When it comes to our own children we will not leave it to chance.  Some of our children will still struggle and make poor choices, but educating our children early and often will allow them to make choices that wouldn’t be conscious choices without this education and will open the door to conversations that could save your child’s life.  
I read this book with my 6 year old daughter and 5 year old son and was curious what they would take from it and if they would be able to understand.  I read it a chapter at a time for a day or two and then forgot about it for several weeks until we were in the car and my son said “can we get a treat?  I want some ice-cream.”  I said something about waiting until after dinner and then my daughter responded “that’s your feeling brain that wants ice-cream.  If your thinking brain were in charge you’d be able to wait until after dinner so you don’t get sick.”  Wow!  I was blown away.  I couldn’t believe she had retained that information from weeks earlier and then she showed her brother with her hands (as it demonstrates in the book) how the feeling brain is in the center and then the thinking brain goes over the top and reminded him that keeping your thinking brain in charge is the best way to live.  I was so impressed I nearly stopped and bought ice-cream for everyone right on the spot to celebrate.  

This book breaks down difficult topics for adults to understand and defines them in such a way that even young children can understand and apply the concepts.  Because of this book I feel empowered to have conversations I didn’t really know how to have before with my young and innocent children.  This book not only empowers me as a mother, but it empowers them to think and make their own choices as well.  I will be referring over and over to this book for many years to come and my brothers and sisters and close friends can all expect a copy of this book for Christmas to read with their children.  (Don’t worry, I’ll throw in some toys and candy too just to retain favorite aunt status.)  I strongly recommend this book for anyone with children of any age.  Even if your kids are already teenagers it’s still hard to start these conversations and this book may help you start some of the most important conversations with your child you will ever have.  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mr Scabs Mountain

todays view

The work of life is strange.  The work of waking up to your life and your people is strange and unique.  You sit there and look at your life in this sudden technicolor clarity and think, 'what the hell.  not what i imagined.'   But it becomes your like and you work and care and nurture all the people and things in front of you.  To see that work in myself seems natural.  It seems natural because I'm in it every day.  I can see the process.  It just seems normal.

To see that work in someone else, someone close to you, is miraculous.

Watching from the outside the work is slow and frustrating and nothing short of inspiring dramatic divorce plans including sawing the house in half or packing on bag for the cheese making hills of Kentucky.  This whole work of becoming real as a married couple doesn't seem to happen on my timetable.  And sometimes, nothing at all seems to be happening.  nothing.  But at that very same moment, the moment where I'm bursting with frustration and the appearance of nothingness, there is also something very deep and sincere happening.

Here's a glimpse inside Mr Scabs work.

It's a brutal accent: boulders, cactus, lizards, killer bees, sheer drops, blistering 108 degree temps and a deceiving steep one-mile hike to the top of Camelback Mountain.   Each year, hikers get helicopter rescued because of heat stroke, dehydration, getting attacked by bees or injured.  Some even lose their lives on this red rock pushing up from the dusty desert Phoenix floor.  It's especially brutal with the 3 o'clock sun.

I used to think that he was punishing himself, maybe for a long while, he was.  The work of living with such infamously terrible mistakes wasn't working for Mr. Scabs, so he ran up the mountain.  In the name of self-care, he takes this run 2-3 times a week.  

The other evening I asked, "How was you climb?"

"It was great.  I got to the top and just took some time to stop and think."

Screeech!  say what?  stop and think?

{For any of you who know Mr. Scabs, he doesn't stop and think.  Go Go Go Go Go Go and Go is his normal speed.}

It's small.  Almost imperceptible and terribly frustrating with the appearance of nothingness.  But at the same time it's real.

Monday, July 14, 2014


Jill Candland Photography

All life's quirky phases have brought me many different yoga teachers and it's always been exactly what I've needed.   Sometimes I need an hour of peace.  Other times I need to learn how to balance. Or times I need to learn how to surrender and be solid in the same movement.   And there are times I need to nurture my courage, my bravery.

I've had more math tutors than I have fingers and I'm still not a great mathematician but I love science and the idea of a formula.  Mathematicians do your worst, here's my Einsteinian formula.

E(energy) = S(scabs) y(yoga)^2


I'll interpret: I do yoga.
I do it as much as I can.
I do it to tap into energy for whatever life throws my way.

ADDO has been offering free yoga at their office in Utah for awhile now.  They've just launched their yoga website with a weekly schedule.  Click the link below, register and take a class or two.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Friday, June 20, 2014

this kind of prayer


Last night I went to another meeting.  Haven't I been to a million of those 12-step meetings yet? Haven't I reached my quota yet?  I find myself itching.  Like some kind of unseen friction demanding it's time to shed another layer.  

We read step 11, personal revelation, ya know, praying and getting answers and stuff.  The first paragraph stopped me and I began to think of the "...angry, confused times when, if we prayed at all, we prayed either in an attitude of stubborn self-will or whimpering self-pity."

How many times have I stamped my little feet, bawled till my eyes were sandpaper and shook my fist at the man in the moon demanding He change this or that.

A few weeks ago I lost something, a small brown package.  I spent hours tearing out drawers and closets and frantically sifting through piles and toy boxes.  Throwing stuff from one place to another, wearing my impatience like a flamethrower.  Stand back!   

Finally, I hit a hit false rock bottom, I shook my first at the sky and said, "Fine.  I'll say a damn prayer and ask for your help."  

And, so, I said an angry, anxious, demanding prayer with one eye open and one hand still rummaging through the drawer.  It sounded something like this:

Dear God, 
Give me exactly what I want right now before I explode!    
I opened the closed eye and dug with full force and and more determination.  Another painful hour passed until I hit the real rock bottom.  The kind where you surrender and sigh and lean for support against the wall, truly aware of your powerlessness.  I picked up a book and a slip of paper fell out that read;
Be anxious for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.  Philippians 4:6
That was the moment I faced my powerlessness and my terrible fiery ego.  With both eyes closed, I gave Him my flamethrower, raised my hands to my heart, whispered my sorrys and gently asked that my heart align with His.  That moment of silence pounded in my chest.

I opened my eyes and opened the drawer I had torn through a million times in the last few hours and my heart burst into tears...there, as if our Fathers' hand had reached down from the heavens and placed it there Himself, the small brown package lay on top of the drawers jumbled mess.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Quizzes are fun


A few weeks ago I took the {what kind of dog are you quiz}...turns out I'm a mutt.  Yes, we all laughed because it is kind of true to life.  My hair's matted and needs a good comb, I'm game for all things fun, especially playing ball.  I'll eat almost anything and love almost everyone, except men in hats and glasses.  They make me nervous and then I start to bark.

This isn't really a quiz but ADDO has put out a survey asking for our thoughts.  So here's our chance ladies, let's tell them what we need.

A letter from ADDO
Hi There,

We need your help! We need to understand what you need next.

For over a year now, we have had tremendous success serving women throughout the world with our first program “Healing From Betrayal Trauma.” In fact, our outcomes report trauma reduced by 76%!

However, we realize our free program is not enough. To understand what to do next, we ask that you take 5 minutes, follow the link, and fill out our Trauma Recovery Needs Survey. Here is the link

We thank you in advance for your help. Your answers will help us create programs that million of women suffering from trauma need!

We have felt honored to have served you and look forward to continuing to do so.


W. Eric Red
Addo Recovery 

Monday, June 16, 2014

free help

Addo Recovery

Maybe it seems like ADDO and I are BFFs cause I'm always touting their stuff.  It's cause I really like their stuff and I know they want to give, and listen and be responsive.  So here's some more of their great free ADDO stuff!

FREE yoga for trauma in Lindon UT
Tuesday June 17
Spots available for RSVP email


If it's your first time, throw on some sweat and a t-shirt and try it!  Yoga has healed and taught me so many things, like this and this.

FREE webinar--->
(mr scabs and i will be listening in)
This is part of our "Advisor Series." Again, an advisor could be a parent, religious leader, counselor, spouse, or really anyone who finds themselves in the position of helping or advising a pornography addict. If you get an opportunity to post this that would be great. The more people we can reach the better. It's a great topic, focused on helping parents protect their children.

During this webinar we will discuss how advisors and parents can effectively work with youth to prevent and fight pornography addiction. Our youth are almost certain to be exposed to pornography. With the correct tools and education we hope to instill confidence in those advising and counseling youth. 

During this webinar we will introduce five essential skills that parents and advisors need to develop. 
These skills include: 

1. Emotional Regulation Skills 
2. Effective Communication 
3. External Monitoring 
4. Education 
5. Example 

The webinar will be presented by Brannon Patrick. Brannon specializes in treating pornography and sexual addiction. He is passionate about working with parents, helping them develop the skills they need to empower their children. Brannon is a member of the Addo Recovery team, providing therapy and directing group therapy program development. 

Registration link:

The webinar will be recorded and available online for playback. If someone is interested in the topic but are unable to participate live, they can register to receive a link to the recording.


Humans of New York

"I’m a neuroscience researcher."
"If you could give one piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?"
"Listen to your inner voice."
"You’re a scientist. Isn’t ‘inner voice’ a spiritual term?"
"Bullshit! You’ll hear scientists talking about following their inner voice as much as you’d hear a musician or a priest."
"So how do you know which of your thoughts are your true inner voice?"
"All of them are! The question is— how much weight do you give them? How much authority do you give your own thoughts? Are you taking them seriously? Or are you sitting in front of the damn tube letting other people tell you what to think?"

Friday, June 13, 2014

Camp Scabs on Wheels...asap!


We got our runner!  Thanks for all who emailed and were interested...there's always next year!

Last summer I ran my first Ragnar.  I had no idea what to expect--a 200 miles relay race from Logan UT to Park City?  In a van?  And you just switch off running?  say what?

But a couple of wopa friends invited me and despite my slow pace and paralyzed leg aftermath, I decide to do it.  It was life changing, literally an impromptu Camp Scabs on wheels.  Plus I met new friend.  This friend listened to us tell our stories and was so inspired he decided to give some serious cash to Camp Scabs and has since been the backing behind our scholarship program.  This wasn't just kismet.

A bunch of wopa friends and I are doing it again but sadly, one of our runners has had to bail on us and the race is in a few weeks, June 27-28 for the Wasatch Back Ragnar (Logan UT to Park City).

Are you interested in joining us?  You don't have to be fast or good or ultra speedy, you just have to be amazing and want to reach out and connect and exercise with other ladies in a stinky van for 2 days.  It's a bond like no other!!

Email me with "Ragnar" in the subject line and I'll send you all the details.  If cash is an issue, don't worry, we have a plan.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

From our friends...

Are You Divorced?
No one gets married expecting to get divorced. Yet and unfortunately, almost one out of every two American marriages ends that way. To help those who have been through a divorce, we are excited to announce our new group therapy program Improving Life After Divorce!

During this group you will be guided through how to pick up the pieces and improve your life after divorce. Core concepts include:
  • How to create a new climate for growth and development
  • How to use your recourse throughout the healing process
  • How to feel whole again
  • How to find hope
Here is the breakdown of each week’s topic:
  1. Picking Up Pieces: How to Begin The Healing Process
  2. Getting Rid of the Old Baggage
  3. Believing in Yourself
  4. Breaking the Cycle of Unhealthy Relationships
  5. Dating After Divorce
  6. How to Achieve Real Intimacy in Relationships
  7. How to Avoid the Pitfalls of a Difficult Remarriage
  8. Parenting Through a Divorce and Beyond
Bonus Yoga Classes!
As a bonus, there will be a private yoga class for your group led by our own Sariah Bouck, Yoga Therapist and RYT (your private yoga time will be decided by your group).
Group Time?
Tuesday, June 24th from 12:00pm - 1:15pm MDT
What's Included?
  • The class will be given in-person at our facility in Lindon, UT (we will have an online, self guided version soon!)
  • Each group will be co-led by our own Amy Parks, LMFT, CSAT-C and Rachel Guenther, AMFT
  • Each session lasts 1:15 each week
  • Included is the Improving Life After Divorce workbook created by Dr. Skinner to guide the group and allow for home learning
  • A private yoga class for your group
The group lasts 8-weeks and costs $249.95. Payment is required in-full before the first group session begins.
Sign Up?
Email or call (801) 406-8994. Spots will be given on a first-request, first-serve basis.

Monday, June 9, 2014

diving into the inky indigo water

Summer in Phoenix isn't popular.  But, there is something I love about it.  The cleansing heat, loose cotton dresses, copious amounts of ice water and sweet tea, homemade watermelon popsicles but the best part may be the midnight-moonlight swimming.  Diving into the inky indigo water; fresh, cooling, mysterious.  The crystal water by day transformed by the cover of evening into a deep dark pool.  I always wonder if there's a shark or an eel or some other deep sea creature with teeth awaiting the dip of my toe, disturbing the black mirror.  But there isn't.  The pool is the same at night, as it is in the day, or is it?  Is there magic in there?  I float, braving the imaginary eel.  Resting on my back in the still water, my eyes fixed on the enveloping midnight sky and I relax.  I surrender.  Time waits for me.  Sometimes, are we afraid to relax and be still?  Afraid of the creatures with teeth?

I first learned how to surrender with my body--yoga, meditation, running, floating in a dark pool--and then my mind was able to follow.  I met a lady at camp scabs that asked me if I was a kinesthetic learner.  I suppose I am.  I've been fascinated by the idea ever since meeting her.

The irritability washes off me, heavy and dripping, like tar, to the bottom of the dark pool.  Yes, I'm irritated and bothered!  This recovery-self-discovery business is difficult and I feel another layer preparing to flake off revealing the newly discovered parts of me.

Tonight I baked a strawberry rhubarb pie.  I could smell it's sweetness as I floated and then I could smell that crispy burning.  oops!

Tomorrow, we'll have pie for breakfast.

I feel such love for you all and hope you find value in taking quiet moments to surrender and listen to yourself.


Monday, May 26, 2014

Intimacy...say what?

Carry On, Warrior

My friend sent me a screen shot of this book.  
I read it and said, "Yes.  This is how I feel."
We speak the same language.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Exploitation Summit...dig in!


{'s a secret...there's a book giveaway at the bottom of this post, scroll and email her asap!}

I know this really great lady/friend/local hero here, in Arizona, who all of a sudden last February called the mayors of Mesa and Gilbert in a fit of disgust.  She asked for a citizens meeting.  Her agenda was to shut down local brothels loosely disguising themselves as "massage parlors" that feed off the sexual exploitation of others.

A few weeks later, there was an investigation and a raid that shut down a parlor near her home!

She's not stopping.

More meetings have been set, more connections made, she's learned more, reached more and is pushing for real changes.  Our local hero and Community Activist received a scholarship from Morality in Media (wow! and thank you) and spent this last weekend in Virginia at the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit.

She's sharing her travel log.  Which really is just a feast of great things.  Dig in!

Thursday May 15, 2014
11:05am -Sitting on the floor waiting to board the first leg of my flight toward Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit I can't wait to learn how to save the world!! 

Here I am with my S.O.U.L Bags ready for take off!

3:30pm -Recruited a Chandler engineer to our cause just after landing in Minnesota.   Now on to D.C.

Scabs: of course you did!

6:06pm -Landed in DC, saw the Washington monument out the window as we headed in for landing.   We'll see if I can survive driving in DC & find my dorm.....

6:49pm -Got the car,  full damage waiver,  I heard traffic is crazy here maybe??
The irony of being greeted for the sexual exploitation conference by a huge phallic symbol just hit me 

7:47pm -No joke about dorms,  rockin Club next door & 8 beds to a room. No complaints just gratitude that I didn't live in the dorms in college

Scabs: hahaha about the monument!! wow!
and the dorms!  sounds FUN!

So fun.  Shhh, don't tell anyone but I reserved a room for the next 2 nights,  cause. ... sleep 

Friday May 16

4:08am -Just met the amazing Dawn Hawkins.   Was checked in by my hero Polly Scott.
I rode in the car with Lauri from Redeemed Ministries who provides services to trafficked women,  Aja from Unearthed Pictures working to heal the hearts of men, and Jenni Bishop of Purity Works who has created some great books (The Princess and the Kiss & The Squire and the Scroll) & curriculum aimed at reaching families and children before they're affected.
I had a great conversation with a young man who used to be a porn star and was given his first Bible by Shelly Luben!  

Dawn Hawkins

5:38am -Star struck!   Just met Doug Weiss! ! In person.
Dawn Hawkins with Morality In Media.  Rock Star!

6:14am -Gail Dines, rock star & author of "Porn Land"
"Rape is over - conformity to society's messages"
"Feminists are men's best friends,  we are the only ones fighting for boy's humanity"

The porn industry makes kids "porn ready".  Students are thrown into this and left to drown.
I just met a new hero!   Barbara Hattemer who is a local activist that got ordinances changed in the city of Naples, FLORIDA requiring minimum distance between sexually oriented businesses and schools!!

Gail Dines

11:21am -I love the power and passion coming from the presenters and the attendees.
"There is no research that shows positive outcomes of pornography" -Mary Ann Layden
Research <-- this is a summary of good academic research that shows pornography is harmful

"The increasing use of pornography is related to higher psychopathic scores"

11:50am -Pornography threatens the loss of love in a world where only love can bring happiness"
Pornography is illegal to distribute,  we just need to enforce the law.

My hero!  ♡♡♡
Doug Weiss! Doug Weiss! Doug Weiss!
Seriously, I love him!

Scabs:  What do you love about him?

This guy saved my marriage.   I haven't met or talked with him until today.   But his program, dvds & books have guided the recovery of our marriage.
I heard about polygraph tests from him.   I learned to stop watching my husband's eyes from him.
I learned about recognizing what brings me pleasure & honoring & scheduling those things in my life.

1:10pm -"You can't get well unless your secret's out"  Doug Weiss

2:41pm -When preaching to men in the church "Why are you preaching to the choir? "  and I responded, "because the choir is looking at porn"

3:02pm -I just stood with 100 fighters after presentations from a priest, a pastor & a mormon leader and sang amazing grace. The Spirit of God is electric in this room!

3:15pm -The mormon leader just responded to a question about how to get men to step back into their God designed leadership role.   He suggested maybe she give "a little angelic butt kicking"

The mall pastor suggested that as men find freedom from the chains of porn they'll return to their natural leadership role.

3:35pm -I just passed Shelly. ... Can't wait to meet her!

Anti-porn successes
9:03pm -I don't have words for the joy,  miracles & awesomeness of this day!   Maybe a gratitude list will work best. 
*I'm grateful that Doug Weiss is here,  & I got to chat with him & tell him what a difference his work his made in my life and my healing
*my husband and Doug both humored me by talking with each other briefly on the phone
*I met with a community activist soul sister Barbara Hattemer who's efforts years ago have had a direct impact on preventing the infiltration of pornified culture in her town
*I talked briefly with Rhyll Croshaw who I love anyway but now love more because she was instrumental in getting Doug Weiss here.
*I made a hotel reservation,  so I now have shampoo,  quiet, warmth & comfort for the night:)
*I appeared in the Family Watch International documentary the porn pandemic, and didn't run from the room to hide!    Plus Scabs & Jacy who I love and admire powerfully explained the harms of porn & called people to action in the battle! ♡♡♡
*I met Judi G. Reid who was an angel in person thanking me (me!) For my bravery in speaking about my story & gave me a copy of her book "Rise Up! 71 thoughts of hope & inspiration for women of value"  I felt God's love for all of us women who have been broken.   She shared a beautiful story of tulips,  that I'll share later

To much beauty & too much love to recount.   God is good!   He knows us & he cares about the details! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
This is all so Beautiful

Saturday, May 17
5:36am -I can't wait to review Purity Works.  Jenni is fantastic!

Addo should be here!
I've been sharing the advisor training info with church leaders here,  Mormon, Protestant & Catholic

6:35am -Shelly is almost up!

Mind blown. .. by Donny's talk, pornographers are someone's little boy too.
Like jesus we reach hearts then laws.
"Why do we confuse God with those claiming to represent him"
Oh how our Father's love reaches all as we open our hearts to it.   My next stop:  XXX Church
These folks like Jesus are reaching the sinners,  the broken,  the bleeding,  the slaves & helping them find Jesus.

This is just for you!   I told Shelly about you & gave her your blog address.
Shelly Lubben
Scabs: thank you!  thats so cool about shelly!  Her story woke me up.  changed how i thought about everything!
…and about you feeling right where you are supposed to be.  the most satisfying feeling xo

8:10am -I have had such great confirmation today that I am right where God wants me on his faith journey.
My eyes are being opened.  I am being grounded again at my Savior's side.
Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us. Ephesus 3:20

SCARS: Surrender, confess, accountable, responsibility,  share
Good never wastes an experience!


11:18am -There is no message on Pauls Armor in Ephesians to protect your back,  turning your back on this fight is inviting injury! -Pastor Jay Dennis 

4:37pm -I've made the most amazing connections with women doing what we're doing around the country.  Texas & Alabama in big wonderful ways! ♡
I shared Addo's info with a bunch of clergy & women who are involved in recovery ministry.

Rt 1520 has even been working on developing their own curriculum. There's a newly forming Texas coalition that is putting together some innovative programs for healing.  And they'll share with us what they're doing!

This woman ministers healing through dance & she has a petition to end the sexualization of dance for kids
Sunday, May 18
11:48am -I spent last night eating dinner in old town Arlington then wandering DC by car with two wonderful fighters from Houston TX who work to help trafficked women escape & recover.
I stayed up late swapping stories with my new friend Laurie who works with Redeemed Ministries.
We slept in wandered downtown,  and explored the National Art & Portrait Museum before saying goodbye for now and heading for the airport.

This weekend has been empowering,  paradigm shifting,  and filled with hope in humanity and belief in the strength of the diverse army fighting the enemy together via overwhelming beautiful miracles!

Scabs: I'm speechless.  Wow

Do you want to get involved?  
Do you want to make changes in your own community?  
Our local hero is offering her help. Email her here

AZcommunityleadership {at} gmail {dot} com

The Loot

Let's give away a book.  Our local Community Activist has a copy of Rhyll Croshaw's Book "What Can I Do About Him Me?

The first to email gets the book.

AZcommunityleadership {at} gmail {dot} com

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